Mobile Video Sharing Apps Spawn Mini Movie Moguls

Mobile Video Network Craze Takes Video Social

Klip mobile video app
Klip mobile video app for iPhone. © Klip

Mobile video sharing apps are sprouting like crazy across the social media landscape, especially a new type designed to help people make and share short movies shot on cell phones.

Most of these mobile video apps are designed to help people get more out of their phone's video camera, as this guide to micro video explains.

Below are a few apps that can turn smartphone users into mobile movie moguls by helping them share footage shot on their phones onto a mobile video network.

Each app typically hosts the clips online and creates a social network around the mobile videos, allowing users to maintain profiles and follow other users as well as watch each other's clips on the go.

1. SocialCam

Social Cam is a mobile video camera app created by the JustinTV video-streaming service. It's one of the few services that can handle videos longer than 60 seconds.

SocialCam works on Apple iOs devices and integrates with the Twitter, Facebook, Posterous and Tumblr social networks, as well as email and SMS texting. SocialCam offers a bunch of video effects or filters, along with "themes" that let you add data such as titles for your movies in various styles. It also offers musical soundtracks that you can add with volume controls, too.

2. Glmps

Glmps is a blend of video and photo status updates. What's different about Glmps is how it tries to combine a photo and video to tell a micro-story. Glmps says its app "automatically captures a short film before each photo you take." The resulting video/photo combo is called a "glmps" (pronounced “glimpse.”)

It also allows people to post video comments in response to clips that other people post, thus adding a video element to the site's social networking features. Glmps is available for the iPhone.

3. Vimessa

Vimessa offers free video messaging on iPhones. It's more like visual voice mail than video status updates. There are all kinds of video message services, and unlike some other video update services, Vimessa's lets people record video messages of any length.

The recipient of your Vimessa video message doesn't have to have an iPhone to receive the message--the message is stored online by Vimessa, and the recipient gets an email notice. It works on both iPhones and iPads.​

Other Video Messaging Apps

Several of the mobile video sharing apps listed above are similar to another group of apps designed for sending quick video status updates on mobile phones, such as Keek and Tout. This guide to video status updates explains more about those messaging apps.