Top Movie and Video Apps for Smart Phones

Top Video Apps for Making, Watching and Sharing Video From Your Phone

Looking for the top video apps for your phone?  These apps make it easier for you to record, share, find and watch video through your cell phone.  And best of all, many of these great video apps are free!

YouTube Mobile

The YouTube mobile app makes it easy to upload, watch videos and manage your YouTube account through your cell phone.


This Netflix iPhone app gives account holders have access to the entire Netflix streaming collection.  Sure, the screen is tiny - but that makes it perfect for watching under the covers!

Hulu Plus

For $7.99/month Hulu plus gives you access to lots of premium TV shows and movies on your iPhone or iPad.  Unfortunately, those videos still come with commercials.


VEVO is an app showing only music videos.  While this might seem limiting, I actually find it really convenient. It's my go-to app for watching music videos, because I know that I'll quickly find what I'm looking for, instead of having to sort through lots of imitators, as I would with YouTube or another video app.


Joost is a video app for watching professional video content.  Joost is easy to search and offers a lot of great videos, but it is only watchable with a Wifi connection.


Qik is a video recording, streaming and sharing app that comes in free and premium versions.  The Qik app is full of features designed to make cell phone simple and fun.  You can live stream your videos, interact with social networks, even make money off videos using the Qik app.


UStream offers three mobile apps: UStream Broadcaster, UStream Viewer and UStream Recorder.  The Broadcaster video app lets you stream live video from your phone; the Viewer App lets you watch and interact with Ustream feeds; and the Recorder App is designed for high-quality video recording and uploading.


For editing cell videos on the fly, the iMovie app is great.  You use the touch screen to trim videos, sequence clips, and add templates and titles.  Finished videos can be uploaded straight to YouTube.