Six Search Engines You Can Use On Any Mobile Device

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People all over the world are using the web every day to search, to shop, and to communicate. We're no longer exclusively tethered to our desktop computers either. We're using phones, tablets, and other easy to use devices to get where we want to go online. Nowadays you can use the same search engines, websites, and services you use on your desktop computer device on any mobile device, making for an even more convenient and efficient web experience.

These are six search engines that offer a mobile alternative experience. They're easy to use and offer a more streamlined search experience than that of the standard desktop. 

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Google Mobile

 Google Inc.

What We Like

  • Has unique features.

  • Provides web, image, and other searches.

  • Integrates with the company's other services.

What We Don't Like

  • Sometimes mixes results from other search categories.

The same Google we all know and love, offering quick results with the option to search locally, for images, maps, and much more. Once you're signed into your Google account, your searches, history, and preferences will be synced across whatever devices you use, making your Google experience as streamlined and seamlessly integrated as possible.

What does this mean? Basically, if you search for something using your computer at home, and then pick up your phone while out to search for something else, you should see your previous searches in your Google search history, even though you used two different devices to make them. This only works if you're signed in to your Google account; so if it's important to you to streamline your Google experience across devices, make sure you're signed in, as this is an incredibly useful feature that you'll want to have in place.

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Yahoo mobile

What We Like

  • Clean and uncluttered interface.

  • Quick access to web, news, and other searches.

  • Often highlights the best results at the top of the page.

What We Don't Like

  • Shows ads that look like real results.

Yahoo's mobile search offers an interesting search experience - you have the option of looking at mobile Web-enabled sites OR PC-enabled sites (mobile sites render differently basically because of space constrictions, this is also known as responsive design), as well as targeted local results. ​In addition, specific Yahoo properties, such as email, have their own mobile apps that are dedicated only to that function. For example, if you're a dedicated Yahoo email user, you'll probably want to download the Yahoo mail app so you're able to take advantage of all that this particular email program has to offer on your mobile device.​

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What We Like

  • Includes quick links to common searches.

  • Limits searches to U.S. government sites only.

  • Supports both English and Spanish.

What We Don't Like

  • Doesn't support advanced searches and filters.

If you need to look up government resources while you're out and about, then's mobile search engine is what you want. A simple search for "president" retrieved a list of FAQ's, government web results, images, and news, with the option to search more specifically in any of these sections.

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youtube mobile

What We Like

  • Searches for video content only.

  • There are filtering options to refine searches.

  • Includes a restricted mode.

  • Supports lots of languages.

What We Don't Like

  • Missing many of the filtering options found in the desktop version.

You're going to want to make sure you have a robust battery before checking out YouTube because streaming videos will eat up a lot of resources, and that's YouTube's specialty. If you're wanting to watch the latest videos, YouTube is always a good choice. Just like the full desktop version of YouTube, you're able to customize YouTube on your mobile device to show what you're most interested in.

Note: Personalization goes along with whatever Google account you're signed into, as YouTube is owned by the Google umbrella of properties.

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twitter logo


What We Like

  • Shows trending searches.

  • Provides stats on your search term.

  • Lets you sort and filter the results a number of ways.

  • Includes an advanced search tool for more precise searches.

What We Don't Like

  • Must log in to perform searches.

While Twitter is used primarily as a microblogging application, it's starting to morph into a legitimate search destination. Twitter is especially useful when used via your mobile device, when you're looking for breaking information on news or local events. Because of the extensive number of users and small character count for posts, it tends to be updated much faster than typical news outlets. 

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Amazon Logo

What We Like

  • Searches for consumer products only.

  • Huge number of filtering options.

  • Search results can be sorted a handful of ways.

  • Provides delivery details without having to access your account.

What We Don't Like

  • Shows sponsored posts before organic ones.

Search for deals on the go with Amazon. This comes in handy especially when you want to compare prices online and offline. This easy to use app makes it as easy as possible to shop and purchase items with a minimum of clicks. Amazon's mobile app is also able to figure out if you left something in your shopping cart on your phone (for example) and syncs across devices to make sure you have the same items in your cart if you access Amazon on your desktop.