Mobile Photography Showcase: The Visionaries

Learn why professionals take the unconventional shots

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Vision is a personal process. Blend Images/Colin Anderson/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images

Mobile photography is about having a vision when you want to excel in the art form. I've asked a few mobile photographers and artists to give us a glimpse into their vision. Here is their work and the apps they used to fulfill their artistic visions.

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Untitled by Ade Santora

Untitled. Ade Santora

I’m really not sure how I managed to create this photo nor from where the idea I got the idea for this; it just a vision that I had. Or, maybe from the many movies that I have seen: men and wings, mythological characters, and legends blending together.

This photo was taken with my iPhone 4. I shot a self-portrait using Hipstamatic and for the wings element I used IColoramaS and Superimpose apps to combine this element. The texture was added with Mextures, and for the final touches I used Photo Power, Snapseed, and Afterlight. - Ade Santora

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Urban life by Luis Rodríguez

Urban life around Sevilla´s cathedral in my world of dreams, the world upside down. Luis Rodríguez

 Snapseed// Camera+

I love to watch the cities and what goes on around them through the reflections on different surfaces: water, glass, metal. A puddle, even the smallest one, can turn into a mirror under certain circumstances and watched from a certain distance. When it comes to reflections on puddles, I love to turn them upside down, entering, thus, into a new dimension, a magical world in which the different textures get all mixed up.

This is the case of this pic. I was wandering around the cathedral of Sevilla at Christmas time when I saw a small puddle on the pavement. I kneeled down, took my iphone, unblocked it and pointed at the puddle. When I saw the cathedral and people passing by on my screen, I shot the pic. This is the result.

This shot was taken with IPhone 4S native camera. Editing apps used: Camera+ for the flip and Snapseed for a certain adjustment of Light, Ambiance and Contrast. - Luis Rodriguez


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Break Time by Hayami N

Break Time. Hayami N

This is my first shot of 2014. The old man was doing crossword puzzle behind my seat in a cafe. I don’t know why, but I just felt that the scene was really beautiful.

I took it with iPhone4S native camera and edited on Snapseed. I put vintage style 3 (texture0) and adjusted brightness / contrast. Snapseed is the killer app for me to edit photographs. I usually use only this app. - Hyami N

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Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney by Albion

Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney. Albion

I’ve been interested in those concrete cabinets for about 6 months now. Although I’ve managed to snap a couple of decent shots with them, I’m rarely down this end of town at the right time of day and haven’t quite managed to get one I’m happy with until this one. The cabinets house the various fire hydrant equipment for the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney. This side of the building fronts onto George Street, one of Sydney’s main roads through the city centre, but is the rear of the building. It fronts onto Sydney Harbour on the other side, a much more lovely entrance way. I like that the Museum of Contemporary Art has these functional, but rather fetching concrete cabinets on the quiet side of the building, but on the main street of the area. It seems somehow to fit the whole enterprise.

In many regards this shot from late last year represents much of what I am hoping to pursue more this year, in terms of approaches to photography. For most of the past year and a half I have been shooting predominantly from the hip without much conscious thought about what or how I am shooting. Going by instinct and impulse. I am wanting to pay more attention to consciously framing an image, along with thinking about what I am wanting to shoot and then in a scene like this being prepared to wait a moment for the right person to walk through. I did all those things here. Luckily I didn’t have to wait long for the woman with her hand up to shield her eyes, and she walked in at the far end of the frame which I also wanted. I liked having those stairs on the left just visible to suggest the possibilities of a different path to the one the subject would be walking, and one that the light would lead down.

The photo was shot on an iphone 4 with the Hipstamatic app and is unedited.

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Light and shadows By Tomoyasu Koyanagi

Light and shadows. Tomoyasu Koyanagi

Flickr // IG // tumblr

This photo is simple. A dapple of light and shadow those were impressive.

This photo taken and edited with iPhone5. App used VSCOcam