Mobile Photography Showcase: Monochromatic

This week it’s a feast for the Black And White lovers! Monochrome, as simple as it may seem, it has its subtle tones and differences! Incredible shades and tonalities that varies and gives that particular photo a strong or antique look! And what a feast for the eye today with these great artists showcased here! Powerful imagery with even more powerful stories attached to it! As always I am completely blown away by what I see every day!

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Hand of Time by Eric Raddatz.

Hand of Time. Eric Raddatz.

As I grow older I find the body change intriguing. Lines and wrinkles, skin becoming thinner, knees crackle like Rice Krispies in the morning.  Photography has been a very real part of my processing emotions, and change. A way to hide and see at the same time. This photo is the first step in creating a series of images to identify and project what each of us face today and tomorrow.

photo process:  capturing the image on my iPhone 4S then edit on #snapseed to sharpen, B&W for contrast/depth to express the wave of feelings that can grip me when looking in the mirror.

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Let Go by Joanna Dunford.

Let Go. Joanna Dunford

It was shot with a runaway balloon on my favourite beach on a windy day with my iPhone 5 and a processed using noir photo. I was just having fun creatively to see what I could make.

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Existence by S. Furusho

Existence. S. Furusho

Our lives are not always clear as vaguely. I go with the aim of goal that can not be reached in that. It is far endlessly, but, I will head to there with an umbrella of hope.

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Under ConstructionJose by J. Lang Lenton

Under ConstructionJose. J. Lang Lenton

I’ve been enjoying quite a lot shooting in the street. I find it very challenging, and the feeling of not knowing what is to be found, is just great.

With this photo i came out with a simplicity i like in street shots. Streets are usually full of people, sings and cars and is not easy to arrange a simple composition.

I came across this really smart man, and I really love the guy, but he seem to be in a hurry, to fast for a decent shot. This was a kind of a ‘give up’ shoot as i was loosing him. Than noticed the net on the building on my right side and really like the texture of it. I arranged the shot as i was thinking about it.

I shooted it with Hipstamatic ( Jane + Blackeys Supergrain) and than added some texture with Scratchcam.

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The Monochrome Set by Milo Salgado.

The Monochrome Set. Milo Salgado.

This photo is part of a series I called The Monochrome Set, a series of edited Hipstamatic shots.

We go to the beach very often, and almost all year is bright, sunny and hot, so it is really beautiful when you are at the beach on a rainy day, like this day when I took this photo. Tita our dog was with us, and my kids and their cousins where swimming in the sea under the rain. When my nephew was walking into the sea, feeling the water temperature with his feet, I saw Tita walking around in the sand (she’s not very enthusiastic about the water), I decided the framing very quickly and took the shot. The straight Hipstamatic shot was a little too dark, so I decided to post-edit the photo. I used VSCO cam, I can’t really remember what preset sorry, to turn it black and white, and then used Snapseed to give the shot the soft sepia tone, a little brightness and texture, and the frame. I was looking to recreate the cloudy, rainy day, trying to make the image happily sad, as any Red House Painters song.

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