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    Mobile Phones

    Asian woman using her smartphone.
    Illustration of prying eyes and smartphones and laptops
    How to Hide IP Address on Your iPhone
    The iPhone Xr
    How to Turn On an iPhone XR
    A man sitting at a desk surrounded by monitors and laptops, while looking at his phone.
    How to Sync Contacts from iPhone to Mac
    iOS 16 screenshots
    iOS 16: News, Release Date, Features, and More
    A woman trying to check text notifications on iPhone.
    How to Fix Not Getting Text Notifications on iPhone
    A Shortcut on an iOS device that will save a Live Photo as a video.
    How to Save a Live Photo as a Video on iPhone
    Using Safety Check on an iPhone.
    How to Use Safety Check on iPhone
    A man at a workbench looking at his phone
    How to Customize an iPhone Lockscreen in iOS 16
    A woman connecting her smartphone to her TV wirelessly while watching a show.
    5 Ways to Connect a Smartphone to a TV Wirelessly
    Morning shot of a person lying in bed tapping phone, turning off the alarm
    Do Alarms Go Off When a Phone is On Silent?
    A woman looking shocked at something on her phone
    How to Edit or Unsend a Message on iPhone
    A woman changing the alarm sound on her iPhone.
    How to Change the Alarm Sound on iPhone
    Three people using Google Pay on iPhone.
    How to Use Google Pay on iPhone
    A woman changes the alarm sound volume on her iPhone.
    How to Turn up the Alarm Volume on iPhone
    Woman looking annoyed at her phone
    How to Block No Caller ID Calls on iPhone
    Crumpled up post-it notes with a question mark on one
    How to Change the Notes Password on an iPhone
    Scrolling screenshot preview
    3 Ways to Take a Scrolling Screenshot on iPhone
    iPhone 13 Pro
    iPhone SE Plus: Price, Release Date, Specs, News, and Rumors
    A man sitting on a sofa looking at his smartphone.
    How to Convert HEIC to JPG on iPhone
    Woman listening to audio on her Android
    How to Download Podcasts
    A man looking at a notebook and a smartphone
    How to Delete Duplicate Contacts on iPhone
    Moving an iPhone app from the app library to the home screen.
    How to Move Apps From the App Library to the Home Screen on Your iPhone
    A woman turning off iPhone Sleep Mode from bed.
    How to Turn Off Sleep Mode on iPhone
    A woman sleeps with an iPhone in Sleep Mode on the nightstand.
    How to Use Sleep Mode on iPhone
    Someone trying to access a locked note on an iPhone X.
    How to Lock Notes on iPhone
    View looking down on an iPhone X displaying the iCloud storage upgrade screen.
    How to Buy Storage on iPhone
    Select photos
    How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to MacBook Air
    A man makes a phone call, sitting next to a broken-down car
    How to Set Up Emergency Contacts on iPhone
    A man leaning back in a chair, reading an iPad
    How to Use Reading Mode on an iPhone or iPad
    Women Listening to Music
    How to Turn Off Headphone Safety on iPhone
    A woman holding an iPhone and mirroring its screen on her Windows PC.
    How to Mirror an iPhone or iPad to a PC
    Mobile in someone's hand
    How to Hide Contacts on iPhone
    A woman in bed looking at her phone's bright screen.
    How to Turn off Blue Light on iPhone
    Low Data Mode off on iPhone
    How to Turn Off Low Data Mode on Your iPhone
    Walking with an iPhone using Low Data Mode
    How to Turn On Low Data Mode on Your iPhone
    A woman leaning against a wall looking at her smartphone.
    How to Set a Custom Ringtone on iPhone
    Fortnite running on a mobile phone
    How to Get Fortnite on iPhone
    An iPhone connecting to a Samsung Galaxy Watch.
    How to Connect a Galaxy Watch to an iPhone
    A woman wearing an Apple Watch and looking at an iPhone
    How to Pair an Apple Watch With Your iPhone
    Delete photos from iPhone
    How to Delete Photos From iPhone but Not iCloud
    A black and white iPhone screen.
    How to Fix It When Your iPhone Screen Turns Black and White
    A woman wearing an Apple Watch and looking at an iPhone
    How to Fix It When Your iPhone Time Is Wrong
    Click Remove from Account
    How to Remove a Device From Apple ID
    A woman leaning against a wall looking at her smartphone.
    10 Ways to Use the iPhone Weather App
    A visualization of data contained on an iPhone
    How to Set Up Digital Legacy on Your iPhone
    A girl looking at her iPhone while laying on the couch
    How to Take a Screenshot on iPhone 11
    Flight details from Messages on iPhone
    How to Track Flights on iPhone
    Worried woman with phone.
    How to Add AppleCare to iPhone
    Someone using FaceTime while picnicking outside in the grass.
    How to Fix FaceTime Live Photos Not Saving
    Reminders app on an iPad and iPhone
    How to Delete Reminders on iPhone
    A picture of someone taking pictures on an iPhone at night in a well-lighted area.
    How to Turn Off Night Mode on iPhone
    Apple iPhone 12 Pro Family
    How to View Subscriptions on an iPhone
    Close up of a woman using an iPhone
    How to Recover Deleted Screenshots on iPhone
    The iPhone 12 line-up.
    How to Tell What iPhone You Have
    A worried woman looking at her smartphone
    How to Fix Load Content Error in iOS 15
    A coseup of someone looking through a magnifying glass at a smartphone screen.
    How to Magnify Your iPhone or iPad Display
    A man taking a close-up photo of food with an iPhone
    How to Prevent the iPhone Camera From Automatically Switching to Macro Mode
    Photo of a stylized progress bar
    How to Cancel an iPhone Update
    Resetting they keyboard history on an iPhone.
    How to Clear Keyboard History on iPhone