Whether you've got a smartphone, flip phone, or folding phone, we're here to help you navigate the ins and outs of Android and iOS phones.

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    Asian woman using her smartphone.
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    Google Pixel 7
    Google Pixel 8: News and Expected Price, Release Date, Specs; and More Rumors
    iPhone reset buttons on different models
    How to Restart an iPhone (All Models)
    Google Pixel Fold
    Google Pixel Fold: News and Price, Release Date, Specs, and More
    Pixel 7
    Google Pixel 7 & 7 Pro: News, Price, Release Date, Specs & More
    Apple iPhone Pro Max in space gray
    iPhone Ultra: News and Expected Price, Release Date, Specs; and More Rumors
    person holding a smartphone
    The 10 Best Texting Apps for Receiving Verification Codes on Android
    Woman wearing Wear OS smartwatch.
    The Complete Guide to the Wear Operating System
    Tourist texting at airport check-in desk
    How T-Mobile's Domestic Wireless Roaming Policy Works
    What Is AT&T's Wireless Roaming Policy?
    Metro by T-Mobile Logo
    Unlimited Wireless: Metro by T-Mobile Wireless Roaming Policy
    iPhone user guide
    Where to Download iPhone Manuals for Every Model
    How to Organize Apps and Folders on the iPhone
    Click Remove from Account
    How to Remove a Device From Apple ID
    Illustration of augmented reality with man holding 3D diagram
    What Is Augmented Reality?
    woman charging a phone with a solar charger
    How to Charge Your Phone Without a Charger
    A woman connecting her iPhone to a Windows 11 PC using Phone Link.
    How to Connect an iPhone to Windows 11
    Person doing a contactless payment with smartphone application on a bakery.
    How to Use Apple Pay on iPhone 12
    A Dell PC running an Android operating system.
    How to Install Android on Your PC Without an Emulator
    a phone with location tracking
    Google AirTag Alternative: News and Expected Price, Release Date, Specs; and More Rumors
    Three teenagers holding smartphones with phone cases on them.
    How to Choose Your Ideal Phone Case
    Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra.
    The 10 Best S Pen Apps For Galaxy Phones
    iPhone Fold concept
    Foldable iPhone: News and Expected Price, Release Date, Specs; and More Rumors
    Model Pi Tesla phone concept
    Tesla Phone: News and Expected Price, Release Date, Specs; and More Rumors
    Pie Control Android app example screenshots
    How to Use Pie Control On Your Android
    A woman drawing four dresses on an Android tablet with a stylus.
    The 10 Best Drawing Apps for Android
    Samsung Galaxy S23 smartphones.
    Samsung Galaxy S23: Price, Features, News, Release Date, and Specs
    MWC Barcelona Logo
    MWC 2023: Dates, News, Announcements, and Everything Else to Know
    Android message bubbles on a cartoon smartphone.
    How to Transfer Text Messages From Android to Android
    Front and back of a Samsung phone
    4 Ways to Back Up a Samsung Phone
    An iPhone and an Android phone transferring contacts
    How to Transfer Contacts From iPhone to Android
    The failed to download attachment from multimedia message error displayed on an Android phone.
    How to Fix the 'Failed to Download Attachment From Multimedia Message' Error on Android
    An Android phone being used in split screen mode.
    How to Use Split Screen on Android
    Hands holding smartphones facing each other
    3 Ways to Transfer Messages From Android to iPhone
    Close-up of a laptop keyboard
    All About the Gboard Keyboard for Android and iOS
    A woman unable to make a call on her phone.
    How to Fix Wi-Fi Calling Not Working on Android
    Unhappy woman frustrated by cellphone.
    How to Fix It When Apps Keep Crashing on Android
    Developer mode enabled on an Android phone.
    How to Enable Developer Mode on Android
    Android Measure app on Google Play store
    How to Use the Measure App on Android Devices
    Girl with cell phone
    How to Get Free Ringtones
    Using near field communication
    4 Fun Ways to Use NFC on Your Android
    The iPhone 14
    iPhone 14: Release Date, Specs, Price, and News
    Transfer to PC
    How to Transfer Photos From Android to Computer
    Dialing 1 from the Phone app to call Voicemail on Android
    The 57 Best Android Secret Codes of 2023
    Android System Intelligence app info displayed on a phone.
    What Is Android System Intelligence?
    Two phones next to each other.
    How to Use Clone Phone to Transfer Data to a New OnePlus Phone
    iPhone lock screen
    What Is a Lock Screen?
    Cropped Hands Of Woman Using Phone On Footpath
    10 Ways to Speed Up a Phone That's Running Too Slowly
    A girl using her Android phone as a flashlight to read a book.
    How to Turn On the Flashlight on Your Android Phone
    A phone dropped into the water with a hand reaching for it.
    What to Do If You Drop Your Phone in Water
    Screenshots of iOS 16 features
    The 15 Best Hidden Features in iOS 16
    Man jumping in the air while taking a selfie
    The 10 Best iPhone Hacks & Tips for 2023
    Open tabs and bookmarks in a browser
    How to Bookmark All Tabs in Chrome on Android
    Man kneeling and holding a smartphone and a shield that is "blocking" phone numbers
    How to Block Cell Phone Numbers on Android or iPhone (iOS)
    A man looking up the Wi-Fi password on his Android phone.
    How to Find Your Wi-Fi Password on Android
    A person clearing the cache on a smartphone
    How to Clear Cache Data on Your Android
    Person rebooting a smartphone into safe mode in a panic room
    How to Turn Safe Mode On and Off on Android
    Smiling guitarist playing electric guitar and holding cell phone.
    How to Use Picture-in-Picture on Your Android
    A woman checking the model of her Android phone.
    How to Check the Phone Model on Your Android
    How to Scan a QR Code on iPhone or Android