Whether you've got a smartphone, flip phone, or folding phone, we're here to help you navigate the ins and outs of Android and iOS phones.

    Mobile Phones

    Asian woman using her smartphone.
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    Charging Android Phone
    10 Ways to Fix It When Your Android Phone Won't Charge
    iPhone (left) and Android (right) with ProShot on both
    The 9 Best Camera Apps for iPhone and Android in 2023
    A teenage girl hiding apps on her Android smartphone.
    How to Find Hidden Apps on Android
    An Android homescreen on a device against a black and white world map
    The 7 Best Android Launchers of 2023
    Android smartphone
    The Best Free Wallpaper Apps For Android in 2023
    Google Pixel Fold renders
    Google Pixel Fold: News and Expected Price, Release Date, Specs; and More Rumors
    woman plugging in digital tablet
    9 Ways to Extend Your Android's Battery Life
    Cellular Tower against a sunset
    4 Simple Ways to Reduce Mobile Data Usage
    A person using an iPhone as a security camera - screen says "Security" on it and shows remote images
    The 6 Best Security Camera Apps for iPhone (2023)
    Fortnite running on a mobile phone
    How to Get Fortnite on iPhone
    The iPhone 14 series on a counter
    What Is the Newest iPhone? (2023)
    A Live Activities banner showing on an iPhone lock and home screen
    How to Use Live Activities on iPhone (iOS 16)
    Image of a woman taking another woman's measurements
    The Best Measurement Apps for Android in 2023
    A person holding a smartphone with a laptop in the background
    The 7 Best Android Browsers of 2023
    Photograph showing a muscular male runner in an urban studio
    The 10 Best Running Apps for iPhone in 2023
    Man in blue sweatshirt overlooking a city taking a photo on his phone
    The 10 Best Camera Apps for iPhone in 2023
    People Using Facebook on their phones.
    The 6 Best Facebook Apps for Android in 2023
    Chrome's icon on an Android phone.
    The Best Chrome Extensions for Android in 2023
    Find the best keyboard app for android
    9 Best Keyboards for Android in 2023
    Live voice transcription on Pixel 3 with the Recorder app
    How to Use the Google Voice Recorder App on Android
    iPhone Fold concept
    The Foldable iPhone: News and Expected Price, Release Date, Specs; and More Rumors
    The 20 Best Free iPhone Apps of 2023
    Traveler using Smart Phone at Bus Station
    The 8 Best Podcast Apps for iPhone (2023)
    Pixel 7
    Google Pixel 7 & 7 Pro: News, Price, Release Date, Specs & More
    Image showing difference of night from day
    How to Use Google Pixel Night Sight
    Man jumping in the air while taking a selfie
    The 15 Best iPhone Hacks & Tips for 2023
    A man pretending to cut along an dotted line drawn around a woman
    How to Use Photo Cutout on an iPhone (iOS 16)
    Headphones on a professional sound deck
    The 5 Best Equalizer Apps for Android in 2023
    iPhone 13 Pro
    iPhone SE Plus: News and Expected Price, Release Date, Specs; and More Rumors
    Person using smartphone as GPS navigation in car
    The 5 Best GPS Apps for iPhone of 2023
    Business woman using phone outside
    iPhone 15: News, Rumors, and Estimated Price, Release Date, and Specs
    Android tv home screen
    The 10 Best Android TV Apps for 2023
    A woman uses her Wear OS smartwatch to view a weather app.
    The 15 Best Smartwatch Apps for Android
    Emergency key on the computer keyboard
    How to Turn Off Emergency and Amber Alerts on iPhone
    Illustration of a person scratching their head while looking for apps on their iPhone
    How to Get Missing Apps Back on Your iPhone
    control center in iOS 12
    How to Use Control Center on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch
    A person connecting to a coffee shop Wi-Fi
    How to Connect Your Android Device to Wi-Fi
    Samsung Galaxy S8
    How to Update Your Android OS
    A family watching videos on an Android phone.
    How to Block YouTube Ads on Android
    iPhone with folder named Social Media on its screen
    How to Create Folders on an iPhone to Organize All Your Apps
    Screenshot of quitting apps on iOS 13
    How to Close Apps on the iPhone
    Person unable to listen to music or watch videos online due to grayed out Wi-Fi
    How to Fix Grayed-Out Wi-Fi on an iPhone
    Illustration of a sad person looking at a BFF on a phone
    How to Tell If Someone Blocked You on iPhone
    Model Pi Tesla phone concept
    Tesla Phone: News and Expected Price, Release Date, Specs; and More Rumors
    iPhones on display
    How to Use 3D Touch on Apple Devices
    Illustration of augmented reality with man holding 3D diagram
    What Is Augmented Reality?
    Women using mobile application software on a smartphone.
    How to Use a RAR File Extractor for Android
    Person creating custom folders on iPhone
    How to Create Custom Folders in the iOS Mail App
    woman charging a phone with a solar charger
    How to Charge Your Phone Without a Charger
    Man using phone as many flies out of it.
    How to Check Your Data Usage
    Cyber Messages Concept Envelope Shaped Bokeh of Light Illuminated Fiber Optics on Black Background.
    How to Access Your Messages on Android Voicemail
    Screen Capture Android Quick Settings Menu
    How to Use the Quick Settings Menu on Android
    Apple TV Media Streamer Set-top Box - 2015 Version
    Which Apple TV Capacity Do You Need?
    an illustrated image depicting someone washing a computer
    How to Powerwash (Reset) a Chromebook
    iPhone X showing Do Not Disturb in Settings app
    How to Set up and Use Focus Mode on iPhone and Apple Watch
    Hand holding iPhone in front of railroad tracks
    10 Ways to Fix It When an iPhone Camera is Not Working
    An iPhone connecting to a Samsung Galaxy Watch.
    How to Connect a Galaxy Watch to an iPhone
    Picture of a man scanning his fingerprint on a scanner
    How to Fix It When Touch ID Is Not Working
    Illustration of photo album on smartphone and computer
    How to Share an Album on iPhone