Mobile App Development and App Promotion: Best Practices

Mobile App Features


Mobile app development is a multi-dimensional, multi-functional process, involving several complicated stages of programming and formatting for the different mobile devices it is intended to work on. How can you develop and promote your app in a way that it is more effective and makes an impression on mobile users?

Quick Tips

  • Before going ahead to develop a mobile app, you need to be clear about why you need it and what you want it to do. Give a thought to the app you wish to create, chart out a clear plan of action and then go about developing your app. Remember, your main aim of creating the app is to attract users to it. The best way to do this is to offer them something useful, an app that has utility and can help them in some way.
  • Your primary goal should be to please your users. In order to engage them over the long term, you need to give them the maximum of user experience from your mobile app. See to it that your app is designed in such a way as to help them access and navigate your app with ease. An app which is intuitive will automatically encourage users to keep visiting it more often.
  • Always work with the built-in features of the mobile devices and operating systems that the app is intended to work on. This not only reduces your own time and effort but also facilitates the app to work smoothly on the said devices, thereby giving visitors a far better user experience.
  • Include analytics within the app code itself, so that you can keep a constant track of your app’s performance in the market. This works as a useful tool for you, helping you assess exactly what it is that your users want. Understanding your audience’s needs help you serve them better, by adding more features and functionality to your app in its subsequent versions.
  • In case you are hiring an app developer to create and submit your app, make sure that you have the app registered in your company’s name and not in the app developer’s name. Overlooking this step can potentially cause many problems for you in the future.
  • Work to give your app the maximum possible exposure in the mobile market. Link to your app on your regular and mobile Website, so that you can direct visitors to it more often. Also link to it on all media-related channels, such as press releases, events and so on. Prepare an elaborate press release describing your app and include high-resolution pictures of your app in the same. Create a Website showcasing your app’s features, also inserting video clips if possible.
  • Submit your app to various review sites, requesting reviewers to give feedback on the same. Tie up with other app developers to form a link exchange program, whereby each one promotes the others in their group.
  • Note that certain companies need only a mobile website and not a mobile app to promote their business. In case you are only focusing around delivering Website content or textual information, you can altogether avoid creating a mobile app. Mobile Websites are cheaper to build and easier to maintain as well, while also capable of functioning uniformly across a wide range of smartphones and tablets.