'Mob Wars' Cheats, Hints, Tips, Strategies, and Calculators

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"Mob Wars" used to be available for Facebook but was shut down August 1, 2018, so that the developers could focus on "Mob Wars: La Cosa Nostra." Myspace no longer hosts the game either.

Below is more information on what the game was like.

'Mob Wars' Information

"Mob Wars" is a very simple game played on both Facebook and Myspace. It's a free game, and it is indeed highly addictive. There are no fancy graphics to be seen, so it in no way competes with any game that might be released on a console, or for PC. It is more of a social-RPG where you play a mob boss and the goal is to take over the city, and to take out rival mobsters.

In reality, its a numbers based game. But who can resist the allure of being a mobster and performing hits on other mobsters and mob gangs? If you have no clue about "Mob Wars" then take a look at the official "Mob Wars" websites listed just below.

The following hints and tips should be useful to you, especially if you've just begun the game. If you're well into the game then I will offer some more tips and resources a bit later in the article... such as a Mob Wars calculator that will tell you what properties would be your best investment for where you currently are within the game.

Choose Your 'Mob Wars' Boss Style

At the beginning of the game you are offered a choice of different mobster profiles; Tycoon, Insomniac, or Bulletproof. Each of these three different mobster styles will earn one key area faster. Here is the break-down.

A Tycoon mobster boss generates money faster. So basically the profit a Tycoon makes from owned properties will be generated at a faster rate, I believe it is every 55 seconds instead of every 60 seconds. Depending on how you play the game, this may not really make such a huge difference, since that boils down to two additional payouts per day. Your call there.

An Insomniac mobster boss will recover Energy faster, allowing you to complete more jobs quicker. In the early stages this would be good so you can gain experience and cash from performing jobs more frequently. In the later stages it serves the same purpose, but mainly to rake in the cash from big jobs and to acquire special 'loot' or 'drop' items from doing certain missions over and over. These missions will be detailed later in the article.

The Bulletproof mobster boss will regenerate health more quickly than the other two mobster styles. Health becomes a factor when you are doing a battle, or being attacked, or when you have been put on the hitlist.

My personal preference is the Insomniac, since you'll be able to perform jobs more frequently, which means more cash and more experience throughout the entire game.

'Mob Wars' Boss Stats

Now let's take a look at your "Mob Wars" boss' stats, which will be upgraded every time you level up (which happens pretty quickly early on). Here are the stat areas taken directly from the game itself:

Attack Strength
Attack points make your mob more effective when attacking other mobs.

Defense Strength
Defense points make your mob more effective at defending against attacks.

Max Energy
Increase your energy capacity to complete more jobs and other actions.

Max Health
Increase your max health to better survive intense fights.

Max Stamina
Increase your stamina to fight more often. 2 skill points needed for increase!

As you can see there are five possible areas you can choose to level up each time you increase a level. However, you only get three points each time you level up, so it is important to choose wisely, especially early on in the game.

Tip: Easy on the Stamina
A lot of mobsters make the mistake of choosing to level up their Max Stamina early on in the game. If you're just starting out do not make this mistake. First off, it costs two points to level it just one time. Secondly, it regenerates so quickly that you'll seldom see the need to level it all that much, even in the later stages of the game. Of course, once you've raised to the higher levels you'll have plenty of points to spend as you see fit to your style of play. If you notice that you are the type that enjoys fighting all of the time then you may consider boosting your Max Stamina. At level 64 I find that 11 or 12 Stamina is sufficient.

Tip: Heavy on the Energy
As I've stated previously, increasing your Max Energy will allow you to perform more jobs more frequently. More jobs equals more money and more experience quicker. Keep this in mind when deciding where to place those points.

Tip: Max Health Isn't Important Until Later
Alright, I'm not saying to completely ignore your Max Health when levelling... just remember that when you go into the hospital (which happens more times than death) you cannot be attacked. So technically, having a low Health score early on will save you from dying, and dying makes you lose those hard earned experience points.

Tip: Attack Strength and Defense Strength
Attack and Defense Strength go hand in hand in "Mob Wars." If you are attacking a rival "Mob Wars" member, or being attacked, the game uses these numbers (along with your inventory and mob size) to calculate how much damage is dealt to each mob in the fight. While it may seem important to have these numbers as high as possible, having the right equipment can compensate for a low Attack or Defense stat, at least in the majority of the cases.

Next lets take a look at the City in "Mob Wars," this is where you will be staking your claim and buying up properties.

'Mob Wars' City and Properties

Buying up land and properties in "Mob Wars" is not an option, it is essential to the survival of any successful Mob Boss - and you would do nothing but succeed, correct?

Buy Early, Buy Often, Buy in Bulk
This may sound a bit like real life advice here, but it is true in "Mob Wars." When you purchase a piece of land, or develop a piece of land in "Mob Wars" you begin earning an hourly income from said purchase. Pretty sweet deal right? Well, the reason this is required is that some of the Inventory you'll need, such as weapons, armor, and vehicles have an hourly upkeep. You'll need to have enough income from the properties to support your upkeep for this Inventory.

Every time you buy a piece of land, or upgrade a piece of land into a building (be it a Restaurant, Hotel, Casino), the price for it goes up. So, it is always best to wait until you can make a purchase of ten units at a time. For example, don't buy just one casino or hotel, wait until you have enough dough to purchase ten at a time. You'll thank yourself later.

Another note on properties. If you decide to sell a property, you'll only get half what you paid for it originally, so it is generally best to just hang on to whatever properties you might have. Unless of course, you have plenty of money to burn.

'Mob Wars' Calculators

In later levels it can become a struggle to try and figure out what properties would be the best investment choice. Luckily, fellow gamers have taken the time to make several "Mob Wars" Calculators. The one I find most useful is an Excel spreadsheet, you can download it here:

"Mob Wars" Calculator Download
Download Here, (right click and save as) requires Excel or compatible spreadsheet software.
All credits go to original author, as credited within the Excel sheet.

Building a Bigger Mob in 'Mob Wars'

Bigger Is Better, or so They Say!
Its been a debate for centuries, but size really does matter - at least it does in the higher levels of "Mob Wars." The game compensates for huge variances in mob size much like a man during a midlife crisis would buy a sports car, but sheer numbers do make a difference when you reach the higher levels of the game.

So, how exactly do you build a huge mob in "Mob Wars?" Especially if you have a limited friends list. Simple actually, there are groups on both Facebook and Myspace that exist for this purpose. Worried about privacy? Set your profile to private. Oh, and once someone is in your "Mob Wars" mob, they can safely be removed from your friends list. Just be warned that quickly adding and removing massive amounts of friends has been known to get your account flagged (at least on Facebook), so remove slowly.

'Mob Wars' Inventory

Arming Your Mob!
If you're going to deal serious damage to other mob families in "Mob Wars" then you'll need to make sure that each person in your mob is properly equipped.

During battles each member of your mob can use one weapon, one defensive item (such as a vest or tactical armor), and one vehicle. Obviously you want to make some good choices here, always arm everyone in your mob with the best vehicle, weapon, and defensive item that is available at your level. But no more than what is needed. Stockpiling these items in mass quantities without a mob member to use them is just wasted upkeep every hour, that's no way to run a lucrative business.

For example, if you have a "Mob Wars" mob of 300, you would want 300 vehicles, 300 of the best weapon available, and 300 of the best armor available. Keep in mind that the best weapons in the game come from drops during missions (like the Tactical Shotgun which drops 20% of the time in the Drug Smuggling By Sea job, or the AK-47 with Grenade Launcher which drops in the Illegal Weapons Smuggling job).

Making Money in 'Mob Wars'

How to Rake in Loads of Cash in "Mob Wars"
There are a couple of different ways to make money in "Mob Wars." The most obvious is to complete different jobs and purchase properties with the cash generated by them. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done, especially since a lot of the early jobs don't have a real good payout. Another option is to fight. Using the Fight option you can score up to $70,000 per battle, not too bad if you're just beginning. The real money however, is on the Hitlist.

"Mob Wars" Hitlist
The "Mob Wars" Hitlist is where other mobsters have a bounty on their heads, placed by another player within the game, usually after they've been attacked. The thing to remember about the Hitlist is that you can't be afraid to die. If you die you won't lose anything, so unless you're overly concerned with your stats looking bad (kill to death ratio), don't sweat it.

It only takes one good hit on the Hitlist and you can rake in hundreds of millions of dollars, enough to start a good collection of Casinos, or whatever property you may need. Also, you only need to deal the final blow, so it isn't unheard of for a player to claim a bounty from a rival "Mob Wars" boss that is more than a hundred levels higher.

One last tip... don't let the game run your life! It is, after all, just a game.