Stream Video From Your iPad to Apple TV

How to Stream Amazon Video on Apple TV Using Your iPad
Daniel Nations

Apple TV may not be the "future of television" Apple was shooting for with the product, but it may be the best streaming device on the market. The newest models use the same processors that run the iPad Pro, which gives you the power of a laptop in a streaming device. In addition to streaming video and giving you access to your music collection, there are a number of great apps and games available on Apple TV's App Store.

But what about a video that you can get on your iPad but isn't available for Apple TV? Not every streaming app has come to Apple TV. And some iPad games are even better when played on a big screen television. Luckily, it's fairly easy to stream video from your iPad to your TV using Apple TV, and even if the app doesn't support streaming, you can mirror the iPad's display on your television.


What is Screen Mirroring?

How to Mirror Your iPad's Screen to Apple TV

  • First, make sure your Apple TV is turned on and ready to accept the video feed.
  • Open the app you want to stream on your iPad.
  • When you are ready to start streaming, pull up the iPad's control panel by swiping from the very bottom edge of the display where the screen meets the bevel up towards the top of the display. As you slide your finger, you will uncover the hidden control panel.
  • This control panel has a dedicated button for Screen Mirroring, which mirrors your iPad's screen to Apple TV. When you tap the button, a pop-up window will appear allowing you to select the Apple TV you want to use.
  • Some apps support streaming video in full-screen mode, but even apps that don't support this feature will have the iPad's screen mirrored to the TV.

How to Troubleshoot Screen Mirroring

Having problems? If the Apple TV is grayed out in the Screen Mirroring window, the iPad cannot 'see' it on the network. The most common reason is the iPad and the Apple TV aren't connecting to the same Wi-Fi network. If you have an iPad with a data connection, ensure it is connected to Wi-Fi rather than 4G LTE.

If the screen mirrors but goes blank when you start your app, the app may have the feature disabled. This is rare, but some streaming apps don't support screen mirroring.

If both devices are connected to the same network but screen mirroring isn't working, try rebooting Apple TV and the iPad. You can reboot Apple TV by launching the Settings app, choosing System and then Restart. You can reboot the iPad by holding down the wake/suspend button and following the instructions on the screen.