Minions Paradise Tips and Tricks

Here's how to make the island your own with this wacky tropical adventure!

Minions Paradise

Minions Paradise may well be one of the cutest games you can find on mobile devices. It's well worth investigating even though it's a licensed game, especially since it's got the EA Mobile backing behind it.

You're tasked with building an island paradise with the minion Phil as he rescues other Minions and they swim to shore. In this game you'll take on several quests, minigames, and other activities to make the island the best it can be.

If you want to make your island the best one floating out there in the sea, here's your ticket to taking over!

Make The Most of Your Minions 

If you're planning on making an island paradise that truly shines, you're going to want to keep those minions of yours busy and bustling. Make sure you don't have any of the little buddies puttering around doing nothing most of time because you'll regret it when you're running low on resources! Every time you charge up your party meter you'll get a brand new minion to help out, so make sure you're doing chores, completing tasks, and doing all you can to make sure they're working and doing their part. When you have Minions walking around with nothing to do, you never know...they might get to causing mischief. Give them something to do! 

Maximize Your Sand Dollar Earnings

Sand dollars are extremely important in Minions Paradise, so make sure you're raking them in as consistently as possible.

They're your ticket to building up structures and buying the expansions you need to make sure your island flourishes. They're pretty easy to get, too. Every mini-game you participate in will net you plenty of dollars. If you like the waterski game where you have to avoid sharks and jump over rocks, you can try playing that over and over to earn extra sand dollars.

You can also sell any rare items you find to any Minion who buys items. You can find them hanging around the center of the island usually around the setpiece, the Tiki Lounge, and he's good for a significant amount of sand dollars if you find yourself in need. 

Pump Up the Party Points

Collecting Party Points (PP) is simple, but you've got to keep an eye on things if you want to fill up your meter. Like previously mentioned each time you use the Party Meter, you get a new Minion. But during Parties you'll increase the production of resources, how fast you can craft items, and a vast amount of other things. Take every opportunity to nab some points. Head to the Celebration Station to fill out the sticky note jobs and complete those tasks to nab a whole bushel of points. Play mini-games to net sand dollars and PPs. If you decorate the island you'll quickly find yourself netting points as well. 

Ready to head out to the island and get this party started? These quick start tips should have you ready to rumble as far as making an awesome destination for Minionkind. If you've got an questions, tips or tricks of your own, feel free to leave it in the comments or mail them in! 

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