Interesting Early Minecraft YouTube Personalities

Here are a few YouTubers from the very beginning of Minecraft's popularity!

A large majority of Minecraft’s success, if not all of it’s success, can be derived from the many early YouTubers and YouTube videos that have continuously created Minecraft related content over the years since the game’s initial release. These videos range from the genres of lets plays to others like animations, to machinimas, to music videos, parodies, theories, roleplays, mod reviews, tutorials, and much more. While it may be initially strange to think about the success of one of gaming’s greatest achievements as attributed to YouTube videos and entertainment personalities that cover the game, it ultimately makes sense. In this article, we will be discussing many interesting YouTube personalities that have ultimately had a large link to Minecraft’s success, as well as their creative influence on the community as a whole.


AntVenom as seen in his video "AntVenom - Vlog - PAX East - Twitter - Stuff".

At the start of his career on YouTube, as a content creator specifically making videos on Minecraft, AntVenom began his series “Hunt For The Golden Apple”. This series debuted on Machinima Realm back in early 2011, making the series nearly six years old as the end of 2016 approaches. With Machinima Realm’s large fanbase, at the time, the series quickly took off becoming one of the most popular series on the channel. Due to Machinima’s clearing of massive amounts of unspecific videos on their various network channels, the series has since been reuploaded on the AntVenom2 YouTube Channel.

While a very large majority of his content was based on surviving in Minecraft, whether it be in the form of a short-term survival like various Survival Games matches, a long-term survival in the form of an episodic Survival series along the lines of “Ant Farm Survival”, or others, AntVenom decided to take a drastic turn in his creation of content, making conceptual Minecraft videos to cause discussion and have more of a shareability factor rather than let’s plays. All the while creating these various styles of videos, AntVenom has also created three animated music videos as a collaborative project between himself and those of whom he has worked with. A notable factor in the success of AntVenom’s original creations was the premiering of his most recent music video, Starless Night, at the closing ceremony of MINECON 2016.


SkyDoesMinecraft's YouTube Icon

If you’re not aware what SkyDoesMinecraft does, I’ll refer you to his name (Hint: It’s Minecraft). Since 2011, SkyDoesMinecraft has created various videos originally ranging from survival content to mod reviews, with the occasional map playthrough. With many friends along the likes of AntVenom, CavemanFilms, and various others occasionally creating videos together, the creators quickly gained popularity in their own individual respects and ways.

As time progressed, SkyDoesMinecraft’s popularity grew very large, offering another shift in content with his growth. While many YouTube channels focus on one specific personality, SkyDoesMinecraft’s channel focuses on many. While Sky appears in every video, a multitude of friend’s join his side, whether it be for a “Do Not Laugh” competition, a match of “Cops N Robbers”, a Minecraft roleplay, or various other ideas and concepts. A very notable factor of SkyDoesMinecraft’s popularity came about with the 2013 release of Lady Gaga’s “G.U.Y music video. The YouTube star was featured in the music video in the form of a cameo. At the time of the release, fans went crazy, noticing their favorite creator in a music video other than his own. This moment was a very large turning point in taking YouTubers and gamers more serious in terms of the entertainment business.

The Yogscast

The Yogscast's YouTube Icon!
The Yogscast

At the very beginning of their Minecraft careers, The Yogscast very quickly gained, even more, popularity than was initially expected. Already having a large majority of videos pertaining to World of Warcraft, viewers were intrigued by Minecraft’s potential in terms of entertainment because of the large difference in gameplay. As time progressed, The Yogscast came to create many stories within the game in the form of “Let’s Play Roleplays”, as they’ve been more commonly referred to as in today’s community. All the while creating these stories, The Yogscast also created many regular Let’s Plays, original music (and many parodies), and much more involving the game.

Over the years, their popularity has expanded outside of just Minecraft, becoming a network of individuals who create videos based on gaming in general. Their company has gone on to continue making Minecraft videos for a number of years on their various channels under the Yogscast branding, however. A notable factor in their success over the years has been their charitable acts. In 2015 during their Yogscast Christmas Jingle Jam charity livestreams, The Yogscast and their many collaborators raised over one million dollars from over 40,000 donors.


SethBling standing next to his Minecraft character!

SethBling’s success on YouTube can easily be attributed to the various creations he made within the game at the start of his career and ever since. With Minecraft’s ability to give players the potential and control to create to their heart’s content, SethBling rose to the opportunity and seized creativity in his hands. Originally creating small structures in videos such as “How to Fry an Egg in Minecraft” and “Mouse Trap in Minecraft”, his popularity grew as intensely as his various creations’ complexity did.

SethBling is to this day still creating his various structures and ideas within Minecraft. He’s also created many animated bits in collaboration with Element Animation known as “Bite-Sized Minecraft” shorts. These animations are amongst the most popular videos on his channel,  understandably. With SethBling’s popularity still growing, fans wonder what next big thing will be brought into fruition. A noteworthy fact about SethBling’s influence on Minecraft was his work with Verizon to create a “working” phone within Minecraft as an advertisement for their company.

In Conclusion

While only a few creators were mentioned, even more are out there. Responsible for Minecraft’s popularity and current communities, these video makers still shape the way the game is played and reacted with to this day. Their early videos and works have inspired thousands of creators to join in on the fun of making videos and growing a community, as does their current content. With Minecraft’s community still strong as ever and a large majority of the people starting the Minecraft craze still creating videos pertaining to the subject, there are even more names that can and will be listed in future articles like this one.

If you would like to support any of these creators, head to their channels and watch their content, new or old.

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