Mine Infinite Diamonds in Minecraft

All the gold, iron, and diamonds you'll ever need in Minecraft XBLA

screenshot of minecraft miner mining for infinite diamonds in minecraft

This glitch only worked with the original release of Minecraft XBLA on Xbox 360. It has since been patched out and doesn't work anymore. There are other glitches and exploits you can use, however, but you'll have to find them elsewhere. Or, even better, just play in Creation Mode that gives you full access to infinite amounts of every item in the game so you can build whatever you want. Tricks like this were necessary when the game first came out on XBLA, however, because the game didn't have Creative Mode yet. 

This Is Cheating, But We Don't Mind

We know, we know. There are some folks out there that would be completely opposed to taking advantage of a glitch like this because it is a slap in the face of the pure experience of mining for resources and blah blah blah. There are others of us out there that find the mining to be boring and repetitive and unrewarding and would rather be able to build cool stuff without the need to scrounge around for gold and diamonds to make tools and items.

Until some sort of creative mode is introduced in the XBLA version of Minecraft, we're stuck either mining for hours for the materials we need or we can use a super easy glitch to get all of the gold, iron, and diamonds we want. You can keep digging. We'd rather build. You will still need other raw materials like wood, coal, stone, etc. to build your evil super villain lair / dream-house / castle / whatever, but this takes the hardest stuff to find out of the equation. We truly like the game a lot, but mining kinda sucks.

How It Worked

This glitch worked with any of the materials that can be crafted into solid blocks — Iron, Gold, and Diamonds. Normally this required 9 diamonds or 9 gold or iron ingots. This trick only required 3 and magically turns them into 9. You did have to have the 3 to begin with, so some mining is still involved unless you have a super nice friend willing to hand over some precious stones.

  1. All you had to do was line your three diamonds or gold or iron ingots in a horizontal row in your inventory. Only have those three of that item in your inventory (other items don't matter).
  2. Next, you would go to a crafting table, on the far right tab, and the third option that let you make solid blocks. You'd notice that it would say you can make a solid block, which normally takes 9, even though you only had 3 in your inventory. Make the block.
  3. You would then have your solid block of diamond or gold or iron and could use the option located in that same tab in the crafting table to turn the solid block into 9 separate pieces. Voila! Like magic! You have turned your 3 diamonds or ingots into 9 diamonds or ingots!

Rinse and Repeat

You could then keep repeating the process all you want. Just making sure to put the extras you're making into a chest (so you only have a max of 3 diamonds or ingots in your inventory at a time) or it wouldn't work.

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