Minecraft with the Hour of Code Campaign

Minecraft has teamed with Hour of Code to encourage kids to get creating!

Minecraft has teamed up with the Hour of Code campaign to encourage kids to get to creating. Let’s talk about this wonderful event that is inspiring people all around the world to get creative!

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The Future of Technology


With computers becoming such a used tool in today’s world, it’s only obvious that in the future we will need new creators with great ideas to pave the way of the future technology. Mojang announced on November 16th, 2015 that they would be working with the Hour of Code campaign to encourage kids to get into creating new technological advancements through code. They would be introducing what it takes to code through everybody’s favorite game, Minecraft.

The Hour of Code campaign allows for people who are new to the concept of basic programming to enjoy their experience in an accessible, simple way. Mojang felt that Minecraft was a perfect fit for this concept and began coming up with challenges for users to get around using the tools given to them. The campaign teaches very basic programming concepts such as If Statements, Repeat Loops and more. While the tutorial that was designed by Mojang is intended for ages six and over, don’t be fooled at the age six bit. This is for everybody and it is definitely an enjoyable experience seeing what works correctly and what doesn’t.

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The Enthusiasm Is Strong

Minecraft In Education

In the ‘Making the 2015 Minecraft Hour of Code Tutorial’ video (on the Minecraft in Education YouTube Channel) Lydia Winters (the Brand Director of Minecraft) has been quoted saying, “Minecraft and Hour of Code make perfect sense together. Getting people into coding through a game they already love. It’s a great example of our partnership with Microsoft and how we’ve been able to take Minecraft into new and exciting places with them.”

In the same video, Jason Cahill (Lead Engineer) was quoted saying, “One of things that was really appealing about the Hour of Code is being able to say, ‘No, this is a great sandbox! Come and tinker in the place. You can learn the basic concepts, the same concepts that we use making AAA games right here in just an hour.”

While you will not be creating games immediately after the tutorial, it’s great hearing the enthusiasm behind each of these voices at Mojang, fully believing in what they’ve set out to accomplish with the Hour of Code campaign and Minecraft’s involvement. Owen Hill (Director of Creative Communications at Mojang) states, “Creating the Hour of Code was a rewarding experience for everyone involved.”

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Minecraft is Perfect For The Hour of Code Campaign


Minecraft has been used in many ways over the few years it has been released to the public. It’s been used for entertainment, it’s been used in museums, it’s been used in science, schools, and much more than that. The future is only beginning to open for Minecraft’s influence in our world, ideas and brand new creations. With such a large following, Minecraft has become a tool and symbol of creation and innovation, with many following in its footsteps.

If you have not messed with Mojang’s Minecraft Hour of Code tutorial from the campaign, it is definitely worth your time. Players will create code (given to the player) to make Alex or Steve go through the various challenges they are faced with. While some bits seem very straightforward, others may seem harder and more complex. You will learn about If Statements, Repeat Loops and much more as you progress through the challenges. During each challenge you will take what you learned from the last and utilize it in the next.