Minecraft Wild Update: It’s a Swamp Thing

New biomes and critters and blocks, oh my!

Minecraft's latest update has gone live, adding new biomes, more creatures, and several new blocks to the open-ended adventure.

In its ongoing endeavors to keep expanding its theoretically infinite worlds, Minecraft has just released a new update, called The Wild, which adds even more to the mix. And all of the many, many platforms that support it are being included in the release, so it's new blocks, biomes, and mobs (creatures) for everybody!

Minecraft The Wild Update screenshot


Mangrove swamps and something called the deep dark are the two new biomes being introduced, each with their own accompanying block types. Things like mangrove wood, mud, "sculk," and so on. And, of course, new biomes mean new creatures to encounter, such as tadpoles and frogs, along with the fairy-like allay. Then there's the warden, which appears to be a new (and imposing) monster type you can find in the deep dark.

Since Minecraft generates its massive worlds randomly, you might have to do a fair bit of walking before you encounter a mangrove swamp, the deep dark, or any of the new fauna. Or you could immediately find yourself face-to-face with a frog or an allay, because it is random. Regardless, the quickest way to find all the new stuff is to jump back in and start playing.

The Wild update is available now for both Bedrock and Java editions of Minecraft across all platforms—Android, iOS, macOS, Linux, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Windows, and Xbox. If you already own the game, it's a free download and will be included if you're buying the game for the first time.

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