Minecraft's Toughest Mobs To Fight?

Some of Minecraft’s various mobs may seem very easy to pick a bone with, but when it comes down to the nitty-gritty, they might just have eight legs to stand on. Here, we are going to showcase some of the most intense mobs to go up against (with the exclusion of bosses) and we may just give you a few tips so your next encounter can be a slight bit less threatening! Grab your weapons, some food, and some armor because this is going to be a fight you will definitely want to be a part of!



This mob has a raging personality the equivalent of a fire. Blazes are found near spawners in Nether Fortresses and are immediately hostile to the player once within range. Blazes are a flying mob that will fly higher when attacking the player. To attack the player, Blazes will shoot fireballs in an attempt to deal massive amounts of damage in an immediate manner. Fireballs shot by Blazes will catch fire to any block upon impact.

The best way to take down a Blaze is with the assist of Fire Resistance Potion. Attempt to attack Blazes when they are not attacking you, as they are closer to the ground and not flying. 

Spider Jockeys!

Minecraft Spider Jockey

What do you get when you cross a spider and a skeleton? A heck of a fight. There are three different variants of the Spider Jockey ‘mob’. One is a regular Skeleton riding a regular Spider, the second is a regular Skeleton riding a Cave Spider, and the third is a Wither Skeleton riding a regular Spider. 

Each variant tends to seem like a different fight, but it’s primarily ‘hard’ depending on which mob you kill first. If you kill the Skeleton first, generally, the fight is easier in the long run. As the Skeleton is stuck on the Spider, the Spider is the one choosing the movements.

They are both separate entities, so whichever you kill first dictates how the fight will be later. Focus primarily on the killing the Skeleton first and then kill the Spider, regardless of the combination.

Charged Creepers!

Minecraft Charged Creeper

Charged Creepers have a shocking personality. After struck by lightning, a Creeper becomes charged. When a Creeper is charged, their explosions are twice as intense as they were before.

While the way to kill a Charged Creeper is nearly the exact same as killing a regular Creeper, this variant makes the cut as it has a much worse outcome if he is the victor. Be wary of a Charged Creeper’s location as they could quite literally kill you in one attack if snuck up on at the wrong time, even if you’re at full health.


Minecraft Enderman
Taylor Harris

Endermen are a tall mob that will not directly attack unless the player initiates it. Endermen naturally spawn in both the overworld and The End. A player can initiate combat with an Enderman in a multitude of ways. One way is directly staring at the Enderman.

If you are caught staring at an Enderman, it will immediately attempt to pursue the player. Enderman hit for quite a bit of hearts and they teleport. A teleporting mob makes it very easy to lose concentration on where the said mob is.

Keep the focus on the enemy and deal as much damage as possible in a quick and swift way. Make the Enderman fight as short as possible. If the mob is teleporting around too much, you may lose track of him, so stay alert at all times.

In Conclusion!

Minecraft Mobs

There are many mobs in Minecraft and these various mobs tend to prove their worth in a fight or two. With enough focus and practice, you should be able to take down any mob that stands in your way and reap the rewards. If a mob is underestimated before a fight, however, you may find yourself respawning.

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