Download Skins for Minecraft: Story Mode

These skins are available for download from PlanetMinecraft

The Heroes

After the release of Telltale Games’ episodic series “Minecraft: Story Mode,” the internet has been flooded with many fantastic Minecraft skins for our blocky counterparts. With every new character being introduced as the episodes are released, more and more skins have become available. In this article, we will be showcasing five skins for you to enjoy in your Minecraft experience. These skins are available for download from PlanetMinecraft and have been made by their listed creators below. 


The Protagonist. The Leader. The Hero. When the world is on the brink of destruction, you can count on Jesse to be there to make sure he saves it. Anybody who has played Minecraft: Story Mode will absolutely love this skin. This skin features the male version of Jesse, as featured in the original trailer for the game. This skin was created by MissNanalolita on PlanetMinecraft and is currently available for download.


Knowing she must help save the world alongside Jesse and her friends, Petra will always try to do what she can (even when a challenge may be too big for her to handle). She will always attempt to rise up and fight, no matter the cost. This skin is a wonderful recreation of Petra’s complex Minecraft: Story Mode character design. This skin was created by JustSandpiper88 on PlanetMinecraft and is available for download!


Olivia, the Redstone genius and a very quick thinker. If you enjoy Redstone and making something new, this skin is the one for you! Let everybody know you’re a redstone whiz with this great skin doing all the talking for you. JustSandpiper88 has done another great rendition of Telltale Games’ Olivia. This skin is definitely worth taking a peek at. This skin was created by JustSandpiper88 on the PlanetMinecraft website and can be downloaded immediately!


Maybe instead of creating stuff, you like to blow things up. You may have something in common with Minecraft: Story Mode’s character Axel. This lovable character adds many great moments to the game while being a great source for laughs. He’s extremely brave and will do anything to protect his friends. This skin will show your wild side and will get plenty of looks for those seeking thrill in Minecraft. This skin was created by MissNanalolita and is available for download on PlanetMinecraft.


Meet Lukas, member of the Ocelots and newly found friend of our heroes. Always thinking about his friends and putting others before himself, Lukas attempts to help everybody that needs it. Our last skin in this showcase (once again) has been created by JustSandpiper88. This skin will turn many heads with a very recognizable Ocelot face on the back of the jacket. The Lukas skin is available for download from the PlanetMinecraft website immediately for use in game.

In Conclusion

With more and more characters being introduced as episodes are being released more frequently, we can only expect the Minecraft community to allow us to enjoy the Minecraft: Story Mode game outside of the Telltale format and in our normal game of blocks and adventures. These various skins can be downloaded at their respective links featured above in the article. Each of these skins look absolutely amazing in Minecraft and will be a great addition to your adventures.