New Minecraft: Story Mode Announcements!

Are you ready for the new Minecraft: Story Mode episode? We are!


With it being three months since we’ve last heard from our blocky heroes, we can only wonder what will happen next! Mojang and Telltale Games have just recently announced that Minecraft: Story Mode’s next episode will be released in the coming week. This has us wondering, what lies next for our heroes in the land of Minecraftia?

The Announcement

Telltale Games, Mojang

In a recent post on Mojang’s website, Owen Hill (Director of Creative Communications at Mojang), announced that Minecraft: Story Mode’s Episode 5 “Order Up!” would be available for download on March 29th. The available devices the video game will be playable on is PC/Mac, Windows 10, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, iOS and Android. No information has been released involving Minecraft: Story Mode’s fifth being released immediately on Wii U.

With plenty of time between the last episode release and the upcoming release, players are finally able to continue their adventure from where they left off. After defeating and killing the Wither Storm, we can only imagine what will happen next. Very little information has been given to the public in regard to Minecraft: Story Mode’s upcoming Episode 5.

What We Know

All that has recently been announced about Telltale Games’ Minecraft: Story Mode’s episode 5 is that our heroes will be in a new special land known as Sky City. Owen Hill goes on to describe the Sky City as “(It’s) an awe-inspiring, intriguing place to say the least.” From promotional art released by Mojang and Telltale Games, we can only assume very little. We for sure know that our heroes Jesse, Petra, Lukas, and Magnus will be back. We can also confirm that Ivor will also be making a return. One character that we’ve yet to see in any promotional art in terms of Episode 5 is Olivia. Due to this, we can not confirm nor deny that she will appear in Episode 5 of Minecraft: Story Mode.

What We Can Assume

Guessing from promotional art released by Mojang, we can create assumptions on what may or may not happen. In two pictures released, we see our heroes on what seems to be a floating mass of dirt with a tree. Players who have been in the Minecraft community for a long time may immediately think and notice the similarities between the art released and the very famous Minecraft map “Skyblock”.

When playing Skyblock, players must survive off of specifically what is given to the player (primarily wood). When mobs spawn on the area surrounding you, you must fight to prevent yourself from falling and dying. When a mob is killed (for example, like a Skeleton), they will drop their loot (bones, bows, etc.) and must use what they drop to further help their adventure’s progress. Experiencing a potential Skyblock in “Order Up!” could create for a very neat challenge for Jesse and friends.

There's More?

On top of Mojang and Telltale Games announcing Episode 5 of Minecraft: Story Mode, they have also revealed that at least three new episodes will be released in 2016. In the same post as mentioned previously on Mojang’s website, Owen Hill stated, "They’re not part of the existing season pass, but will be available for purchase to anyone who’s downloaded at least one episode of the first season.”

Mojang and Telltale Games have both decided to not go into too much detail in regards to the content of the new upcoming episodes, but they “can confirm that they’ll be great, and maybe come with a slightly different flavour to the previous season.” While we’re not completely sure on what a “slightly different flavour” means, we can only be excited and hope to expect great things.

In Conclusion

With more and more information slowly being released to the public involving Minecraft: Story Mode, we can only gain more excitement. Having information slowly being handed to us will create suspense for the upcoming episodes that we can not wait to enjoy. Each episode of Minecraft: Story Mode that has been released has expanded on concepts that we’ve been extremely excited to learn about. In regards to the new episodes, we can only hope they will do the same while letting the plot thicken and potentially open more opportunities for even more episodes to be released.