Minecraft Server Stories: The Treehouse! It's on Fire!

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A New Survival Server

Minecraft Tree Fire - 5

Back in the early days of Minecraft Beta 1.3 (to be precise), many friends of mine frequented a server owned by YouTube's very own AntVenom. I was invited to the survival server to hang out with friends and experience Minecraft multiplayer for one of the very first times I can recall, in a very hectic Skype call. Our story begins here.

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The Tour

Minecraft Tree Fire - 3

I remember being taken on a tour of the world and (quite frankly) being amazed at what it held. There were houses, structures, mines, and more. It was one of the first times I had seen what others had made in-game and was actually able to interact with.

It was an overwhelming experience with a loud Skype call screaming going on among friends. Mithzan was mining, AntVenom was probably hunting for a Golden Apple, and SkyDoesMinecraft was adding various elements to his treehouse. I broke away from Arizrain the tour of the little town came to a close.

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The Treehouse

Minecraft Tree Fire - 1

The next thing I recall was going to Sky’s treehouse that he was so very proud of. It was a very neat and extremely large house that he had created. It was one hundred percent legitimate. He had put many hours into the build and for the short amount of time that we had all been playing, it was impressive. It was right next to a lake, which should have been a good thing.

After Adam showed me around his home, I decided that I should go out and find a place for me to create my own humble abode. I faintly remember somebody from the group running to the treehouse and giving me armor, a Diamond sword and resources because within the next few minutes it would be becoming night.

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A Light

Minecraft Tree Fire - 4

As time progressed, night was upon us in our virtual world of blocks. I had ran around like a chicken with my head cut off, not sure what to do. I didn’t know where to build my home and I for sure didn’t know how I wanted it. I must have ran around for a good few minutes in the dark absolutely confused. As soon as I ran into the center of the town by the lake, the first thing I heard was a large gasp by Arizrain followed with an, “Oh my gosh”.

I turned my virtual character’s head with the flick of a mouse and saw a light shining bright a few blocks away from me. The light was not pretty, but rather ferocious. Well, as ferocious as a virtual flame can be.

Somewhere in the midst of the pandemonium in the Skype call and within the game itself, Sky’s house began burning. We all freaked out. Everybody quickly began running around, attempting to get water or anything we could to put out the fire. We punched it, we drenched it, the fire kept burning. Some of us ran into Adam’s burning down house, attempting to run up the almost nonexistent wooden stairs with water to pour from the top, hoping to put out the fire. The fire burned fast.

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Placing The Blame

Minecraft Tree Fire - 2

Within what seemed like only seconds, all that was left was only a few chests, furnaces and other various items floating in the air. We were all confused. Nobody was mad, everybody was just kind of sad. The tree stood tall in the middle of the town and was a creation of a friend. To see that tree burned down was depressing. Water was floating in the air as the blocks underneath it had been burned away. All that was left was a mess and a question; “What the heck just happened?”

As we were all quite “nooby”, we blamed anything that had to do with fire. “Adam, did you have lava?” “What about torches?” “Were your furnaces burning anything?” We were so absolutely stunned that we had no clue what to think. It got to the point where somebody had suggested the potential concept of a skeleton shooting an arrow through a torch and that was what had lit the flame. Yes, we were that nooby.

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Moral Of The Story

To this date, I’m fairly positive absolutely nobody on the server knows quite frankly what happened. It was a very spur of the moment event that happened in the blink of an eye. Whether it happened absolutely randomly or was an intentional attempt to light the house on fire, nobody knows. Something everybody should take away from this story is to either keep a lot of back-ups of your Minecraft server or never build a treehouse.