Minecraft Server Review: RSMV.net

Let's talk about the extremely awesome RSMV.net Minecraft server!

Minecraft servers can be extremely neat a times. Some of these servers pave the way and create new standards for new servers to follow. Every great once in awhile a new server gets noticed for the interesting qualities it possesses. In this article, we will be discussing a server that is very quickly gaining popularity among both regular MInecraft players and YouTubers. Let’s talk about what makes the RSMV.net Minecraft server so great.

The Community

When creating a Minecraft server, one of the things that you’ll heavily want to focus on is finding a way to make a great community. Many servers tend to get very toxic communities due to not being managed by moderators and admins. The RSMV.net Minecraft server has one of the kindest communities that I have ever experienced in all of my years of frequenting servers. When you log onto the server for a first time, you will more than likely be shocked based on how polite everybody is.

On nearly all major servers, you will very rarely see a moderator online. Not only do you tend to see moderators on the RSMV.net server, you will more than likely see the owners. All members of staff on the Minecraft server will almost always put on their best smiles when greeted by a player. Being able to interact with both moderators and owners creates a wonderful balance between players and staff. Instead of players feeling as if the moderators are something to fear and be very careful and wary around, you can be sure they’ll more than likely want to get in on the shenanigans you’re indulging in (provided what you are doing is of acceptable behavior).


RSMV.net’s popularity can be largely accredited to the influence of audiences of YouTubers. With a large variety of mini-games to be played, recorded, and yelled at, YouTubers give RSMV.net a wonderful reputation in the community among gamers. When a popular YouTuber such as SkyDoesMinecraft records a video on the Minecraft server, it almost immediately gains popularity and inspires other content creators to make videos along the same lines. These videos are essentially a perfect form of advertisement for the server.

When a viewer sees one of their favorite content creators having fun, they will often try to emulate the same feeling either alone or with friends. These videos being created and uploaded also give a visual representation of the game before playing. While many players may not immediately get the idea of a game while playing for the first time, watching a YouTube video specifically on that mini-game acts as a tutorial, offering insight to new players who have yet to experience the game for themselves.

Almost no Minecraft server has ever given back to their players and those who upload videos based on their content, however, RSMV.net differs here. Players who are looking to grow their YouTube channels are able to purchase a “YouTuber Tag” that shows other players that they create content on the video sharing platform. When you buy the YouTuber Tag, you will also gain a spot in the Hall of YouTubers in the spawn area. Your spot in the Hall of YouTubers will feature your YouTube channel icon, a clickable sign that links to your YouTube channel and recognition among players. Players may purchase the tag for a total of $15 (USD). When you purchase the tag, you are directly helping keep the server online for players around the world to enjoy.

The Mini-Games

There are plenty of mini-games to play and enjoy on RSMV.net. These mini-games and features are the defining aspects of RSMV.net’s arsenal in entertainment. The server features mini-games and other gamemodes such as X-Run, Color Shuffle, Hyperdrive, Survival, Creative, Factions, and more! Each mini-game has various maps where players can test their skills. If you’re wanting an action packed, super fast, but insanely frustrating (yet absolutely wonderful all the while) mini-game to play, X-Run may be your cup of tea. If you think you’d rather just survive the night instead of playing mini-games, Survival mode or Factions may be up your alley.

Each gamemode and mini-game gives players the chance to enjoy themselves with others. Some games require insane amounts of skill and practice while others will naturally come to you as time progresses. Regardless, this server will keep you busy for hours trying to perfect your craft in terms of things like X-Run. Practice makes perfect.

RSMV.net is always coming up with new ideas for mini-games and various other forms of entertainment on the server. These ideas are being worked on and perfected all the time before their initial release to the public. While many servers have extremely large budgets and player bases, RSMV.net works with what they have and will make sure that it is of the highest quality, no matter the circumstances. If a problem with one of the server’s mini-games or features is buggy, they will always make sure that the issue is resolved for best playability.

A Lobby Shouldn't Be This Fun

Plenty of Minecraft servers are interesting, but generally, you want to get out of them as quick as possible and into your desired game. On RSMV.net, though, the lobby is enough for players to frequently log on. With many distractions and diversions around the lobby, you are more than likely going to spend a large portion of your time in there.

If you’re a fan of Pokémon and YouTubers, there are two different challenges in which you search for the heads of those characters and people. Consider this a very large Easter egg hunt. You’ll be searching high and low throughout the lobby in order to collect all of the heads. After you’ve found all of the Pokémon, you will receive the tag “PokeMaster”. Once you’ve located all of the YouTuber heads, you will gain access to the tag “YT Fan”. These two additions add some fairly fun concepts and should intrigue you to locate all of the various characters.

If hunting for heads isn’t your favorite thing to do, there are plenty of other things to do in the lobby. Have you ever thought that you should be able to jump on the water in Minecraft? Probably not. On the RSMV.net Minecraft server, you can totally do that thing you’ve probably never thought of, though. While it’s just a silly idea, the RSMV.net staff has created two parkour courses for their lobby, one utilizing this very concept. The parkour challenge featuring water is much easier than the traditional on the server. Players will use the courses given to them to reach the top of a very tall tree in the center of the lobby. Getting to the top of the tree will be a great challenge and is definitely worth the try.

As previously mentioned, the Hall of YouTubers is also in the lobby and is a wonderful thing to take a look at. Plenty of familiar and unfamiliar faces fill the large room and are a very good source of advertisement for the player’s channels. The Hall of YouTubers is designed extremely well and brings enjoyment to many players on the server. This hall gives back to those of whom support the server in terms of showcasing their YouTube channel for the many players who go and check the large room out in their spare time.

The Love and Care

More work than could possibly be imagined goes into this server. Day in and day out, the staff of this server pour their heart and soul into making a wonderful experience for those of whom want to enjoy their creation. The RSMV.net Minecraft server has been owned by YouTube’s very own “Arizrain” since the very beginning. The server has gone through many iterations, sizes, and changes over the years. These changes have created new opportunities for the server to try, knowing some of them may fail, while others may succeed. The staff of RSMV.net will continue taking risks, coming up with new and original ideas, and will continue making the experience given to players on their server great.

The Feel

In comparison to most Minecraft servers, RSMV.net feels very freeing. While most servers are constantly throwing advertisements in your face for the various packages you can buy, RSMV.net does very rarely. Without a purchased rank, you can still access all of the server’s features, unlike most servers. When purchasing a rank, you are donating to the server and gaining access to various cosmetics and a few items.

While this server is a business, it is treated more-so along the lines of a community that bands together for the factor of enjoying Minecraft. It is very hard to find a server that balances the two in a manner that doesn’t disrupt or destroy the ideas and morals of the community in which inhabits it. If you were to ask any player on the RSMV.net server what their favorite Minecraft server was, I would have no doubt in my mind they’d say, “You’re looking at it.”

In Conclusion

If you are interested in trying the RSMV.net Minecraft server out for yourself, you may access the server via the multiplayer option on Minecraft’s main screen. If it was not obvious, the IP address to connect to the server is ‘RSMV.net”. While some games on the server may not interest you, you will surely find something that does. There are plenty of things to try, so keep your eyes peeled for anything new.

The community of both staff and players are extremely nice and will treat you with the utmost kindness and respect. The dedication that the staff of RSMV.net has for giving players a positive experience on the server is inspirational. You will almost always be greeted with a pleasant vibe when entering the server, rather than a negative. If you give the RSMV.net Minecraft server a chance, you will definitely not regret your decision. Have fun!