Minecraft Server Hosts Library of Banned Journalism

Take that, online censorship

Why This Matters

Putting banned works of journalism into a video game is one good way to keep governments from cracking down on information they don't want to spread.

Uncensored Library in Minecraft
The Uncensored Library

Journalism advocacy organization Reporters without Borders has put together an unlikely repository of the world's banned journalistic works.

What they said: "We chose Minecraft because of its reach," executive director Christian Mihr told the BBC. "It is available in every country. The game is not censored like some other games which are under suspicion of being political.

"There are big communities in each featured country, that's why the idea came up - it is a loophole for censorship."

The big picture: Journalists have been banned and even killed for publishing the truth about governments. Putting their works on a non-web-based platform like Minecraft helps decouple the content from easily searchable web content. The game itself has 112 million daily users, which makes it a large enough platform for these purposes.

How it helps: The data can be easily copied and disseminated, if need be, as a Minecraft world file, making it much harder to censor. According to the BBC, the server can only host 100 people at a time, but has been visited by 3,889 players from 75 different countries. Better yet, it's been downloaded more than 7,000 times.

How to check it out: If you have a copy of Minecraft, you can go to visit.uncensoredlibrary.com in the Multiplayer menu. If you just want to see the library in more general terms, head over to The Uncensored Library website.

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