Minecraft Sequel Leaked?!

Has Minecraft 2 just been leaked? Oh no!

Minecraft event

 Christian Petersen / Getty Images

In the age of sequels being released every year by major video game publishers, it’s Minecraft’s time to shine. World famous hacker and video game leaker, 1337NoScopeKid, has announced on his Twitter in a series of tweets that the major video game developer, Mojang, has been in works on a sequel to their hit game and not just an update like Elytra. Unlike most leaks, this leak, in particular, has given plenty of information about the once very well hidden game. In this article, we will be discussing the various information given to the public.

Minecraft 2

Instead of giving their video game an interesting title like Call of Duty’s twenty-third sequel “Black Ops” or something along the lines of Halo 5: Guardians, the video game is simply called “Minecraft 2”. The name of the video game is slightly surprising as Mojang has had a past of including the word “Edition” to their titles. While the title is simple and gets the job done, we must admit that it is kind of lame. If anything, they should have called it “Minecraft Squared”.

Enhanced Graphics

Minecraft screenshot

Let’s face it, we all dislike Minecraft’s graphics. That’s why we all end up using texture packs. In the image above (leaked onto the internet by 1337NoScopeKid via a post on Twitter), you can see the new and improved Minecraft 2 in action. Today’s regular Minecraft doesn’t even look cool. When you look up at the sun in regular Minecraft, all you see is a square. When I look up in the real life sun in the sky, I can only partially see for a few minutes after looking away because it was too bright. It should be noted that you should not look directly at the sun in real life without proper eye protection as you may go blind. Minecraft 2’s sun looks way cooler than Minecraft’s sun. Bonus points for Minecraft 2.

Seeing the new, enhanced graphics in Minecraft 2 make me not even want to look at regular Minecraft ever again. The option to disable the enhanced graphics in Minecraft 2 is available, to make old school Minecraft gamers feel as if they are playing regular Minecraft again if the extremely nice graphics are too intimidating for them. These graphics will surely look even better in the live game.


Regular Minecraft’s hunger system wasn’t already complicated enough, apparently. In Minecraft 2, you will want to make sure your character is completely hydrated at all times. In another tweet by 1337NoScopeKid, he found that your character in-game can get dehydrated over time. When your character begins to get dehydrated, you must act quickly. If you do not begin to properly hydrate your character, he will pass out and time will pass in your video game.

When your character is passed out, he may or may not die. Three minutes after tweeting that his character had passed out due to a lack of being hydrated, 1337NoScopeKid tweeted, “My character just died while passed out! #UGH”. This very new scary feature will definitely change the way players must survive.

A Very Large Bug

Minecraft screenshot

When looking for new mobs, 1337NoScopeKid found an extremely large, giant of a mob. The mob clearly resembles a human or a zombie and will be aggressive towards players. In this picture, the mob’s texture is completely glitched out. The mob supposedly killed his player in a total of two hits. We are unaware if 1337NoScopeKid was wearing any armor during his encounter. This large mob seems extremely scary and looks pretty hard to kill. We can only wonder what his weakness is.

In Conclusion

Minecraft 2 seems extremely promising and seems like it will be worth the wait. While we don’t have any information on whether or not this game will be released this year or any other time, we can only assume it will be announced at MineCon 2016 or later. Mojang CEO, Jonas Martensson, told IGN after Microsoft’s purchase of Mojang, "I can't promise forever there'll never be a Minecraft 2, but for the foreseeable future there won't be." This leak being released may have just proved that his statements may have potentially been a ruse all along, however.

With Mojang constantly releasing new updates as of these past few weeks to their various video games, we should highly consider this leak to be true, regardless of the fact that it is April Fool’s day. Gotcha!