Minecraft Realms: Are They Worth It?

Want a Minecraft Server? Maybe Realms will do!

When wanting to play Minecraft with friends, it can be an extremely difficult process to get going. It can also be very costly depending on how you set it up. Mojang wanted to make this entire process much simpler, thus, Minecraft Realms was born. In this article we will be discussing the technical side of Mojang’s answer to servers and playing over the internet! Let’s get right into it!

What is a Minecraft Realm?

Minecraft Realms are Mojang’s answer to hosting a Minecraft server. Playing Minecraft with friends over the internet has never been easier. By simply paying the $7.99 a month to Mojang, a server will be set up. Each server is available to have the main functions you would find in your normal Minecraft experience and even more. All of Minecraft’s various gamemodes (Survival, Creative, Adventure and Spectator) are available for use. On top of the gamemodes being available, mini-games supported by Mojang themselves have been preloaded onto the Minecraft Realms setup for your immediate enjoyment! It should be noted though, that Minecraft Hardcore Mode is not available to play on using Realms. We’re hopeful that this will become an option in the future!


A major plus side to using Minecraft Realms versus a third party server is the convenience. When optimizing a third party server, you will more than likely need to go onto a website and fiddle around with their settings, hoping to find the perfect set-up. With Minecraft Realms, everything is optimized in the Minecraft client itself. If you want to invite a person to your server or switch to a mini-game that Mojang has provided, upload your own world, or anything else you can customize, you do it all in the client. However, a major downside to using Realms is the lack of support for mods. As modifications to the game are a huge part of the Minecraft experience, this can cause problems for those of who would want to play something like the Aether Mod (for example) with their friends.


If you’re afraid to start a server because you think uninvited guests will destroy your world, worry not! When using a Minecraft Realm for your server, only players who are invited by you may join. The host can add and remove people from the whitelist with ease, if wanted by the owner. If you think you’re going to have trouble choosing who is or who is not going to be able to play on your server, you better think twice! Realms allow for up to 200 players to be invited and have access to your server, while only 10 can play at any given time. Worlds will also get automatically backed up for server safety to not allow for players to ruin your experience if they were to grief (or something along those lines).

In Conclusion

Minecraft Realms

Overall, Minecraft Realms are a wonderful (and very official) answer to creating and managing a server for Minecraft if you’re wanting something simple. There is currently a thirty day free trial that gives users the exact same experience as somebody who were to pay for the service itself. If you’re interested in giving Minecraft Realms a shot, I would definitely consider doing it as it’s an amazing answer to many third party server hosts. However, Minecraft Realms is definitely not for everybody. If you’re into the scene of modding, you may want to stick with a host who allows those various adjustments. Hopefully this article will help you make an educated decision with your next purchase of a server!