Great Pokemon: Red/Blue/Yellow Skins for Minecraft!

Here are great Pokemon Minecraft skins for the 20th Anniversary!

As the twentieth anniversary of Pokémon of has recently rolled around, Nintendo fans have rejoiced around the world. In this article, we will be showcasing many great skins for you to enjoy on your character in Minecraft from both the Pokémon anime and the Pokémon video games. The video games in which these characters come from are Pokémon: Red, Pokémon: Blue, and Pokémon: Yellow. Let's check these awesome pieces of art out!

Ash Ketchum

If you’ve ever watched the Pokémon anime or played the original Pokémon video games, you’re more than likely familiar with this character’s name by either the color associated with his game (Red, Blue, or Yellow) or Ash Ketchum. Both Red and Ash are famous for being the characters that we associate ourselves with when playing the Pokémon video games or watching the anime. Overall, the character is somebody we get to experience when playing the game or watching the TV show, rooting for them every step of the way.

This Minecraft skin is available for download on the MinecraftSkins website and was designed by Leostereo. This skin featured comes equipped with Ash Ketchum’s very famous hat and blue jacket. Staying closer to the TV show version of everybody’s favorite protagonist, you will be more than likely recognized on servers as Ash, rather than his video game counterpart. This skin is extremely detailed in terms of shading, color choices and other various features (such as his shoes and gloves).

Professor Oak

Meet Professor Oak! He’s more than likely the most famous professor of Pokémon out there! From your very first steps as a trainer to your very first steps of being the Pokémon League Champion, Professor Oak is with you from the beginning to the end.

This Professor Oak Minecraft skin features our Pokémon expert in his iconic lab coat and red shirt (as shown in the anime and video game). This skin is available for download at the MinecraftSkins website and was designed by Sneeze7. This Professor Oak skin couldn’t look any better!


Meet the Cerulean City gym leader, Misty! Her iconic team made up of water type Pokémon is nothing to mess with! If you defeat her in a battle, she will award you the Cascade badge, but she won’t go down without a fight!

This Minecraft skin was created by AwsumChop on the PlanetMinecraft website and is available for download! Keeping Misty’s look closer to the anime version of the show, AwsumChop put loads of detail into making it look as close to the character as possible. This skin will surely attract the attention of any fans of the original Pokémon TV show or video games, if you frequent servers.


Our first Pokémon featured on this list is potentially the most intelligent of them all. Created by scientists in an attempt to clone the extremely rare and sought after Pokémon, Mew, Mewtwo was born.

This skin features Mewtwo, a larger than life Psychic Pokémon, first featured in Pokémon: Red and Pokémon: Blue. The Mewtwo skin was created by Tim_Foil on and is currently available for download and use. This skin features a great amount of detail in terms of shading, color, and will look absolutely great on your character in Minecraft.

In Conclusion


There are many Minecraft skins available for download, but finding a very good looking one can be tricky. The overall problem with finding a good Pokémon Minecraft skin is having a Pokémon who is shaped more like an animal, rather than a human. As the Minecraft characters we are all used to were designed with humans in mind, it can be extremely hard to translate something that is not (or at least close to) the human shape on our characters.

Hopefully this article has assisted you in finding a good looking Pokémon skin for your character in Minecraft.