Basic Controls for Minecraft on PC

How to master movement and more on a pc

Minecraft screenshot

Scott Marriott

Keyboard shortcuts in Minecraft make it easy to jump on top of items, sneak up on people, drop items, and perform other actions. Here's how to use Minecraft's keyboard and mouse controls on the PC platform.

Movement Controls

The basic controls form a standard "forward, backward, side to side" motion.

  • W: Move forward.

Double-tap the W key to make your avatar sprint, and increase its hunger at the same time.

  • A: Sidestep left.
  • S: Move backward.
  • D: Sidestep right.
  • Move Mouse: Look around.
  • Left Shift (Hold): Sneak.

Sneaking near a ledge prevents you from falling.

  • Left Control: Sprint.
  • Spacebar: Jump.

Action Controls

  • Left Mouse Button (tap): Attack.
  • Left Mouse Button (hold): Break nearby blocks.
  • Right Mouse Button: Use an item or place a block.
  • Mouse Scroll Wheel: Switch items in the inventory toolbar, scroll through the quick-bar and the chat when opened.
  • Mouse Scroll Wheel (click): Switch to the block you're currently looking at, as long as it's in your inventory.

This won't work on a monster spawner.

Inventory Controls

  • E: Open inventory.
  • 1-9: Select the appropriate hotbar item.
  • F: Swap the items in your main hand and off hand.
  • Q: Drop the selected item.

Multiplayer Controls

  • T: Open the Chat menu.
  • Tab: List all players.
  • /: Open the Chat window.

Miscellaneous Controls

  • L: Open the Advancements screen.
  • Escape: Pause, open the Options menu.
  • F1: Hide the heads-up display.
  • F2: Take an in-game screenshot.
  • F3: View the debug display to show the character's coordinates and other information.
  • Shift+F3: See game performance.
  • F5: Toggle between first-person (default) and third-person perspective.
  • F8: Make the cursor move more smoothly.
  • F11: Switch between full-screen and windowed displays.