Minecraft PC Controls

Mastering Movement and More



Delving into Minecraft isn't easy when there's no instruction manual or tutorial to help get you started. You might have trouble figuring out what does what - how to jump, sneak walk, drop items, etc.

Below is a breakdown of Minecraft's keyboard and mouse controls on the PC platform.

Movement Controls

The basic controls are easy to understand because they form a standard "forward, backward, side to side" motion.

  • W: move forward
  • A: sidestep left
  • S: move backward
  • D: sidestep right
  • Move Mouse: look around

Next to those controls are two others that are also simple to use with the left hand:

  • Left Shift: hold to sneak while walking, prevents you from walking off edges
  • Spacebar: jump

Action Controls

  • Left Mouse Button: attack, swing arm to dig, mine, chop, pull switches, punch
  • Left Mouse Button hold: break nearby blocks
  • Right Mouse Button: uses the item, place blocks
  • F: swap items between the main and off hand
  • Q: drop the item in hand
  • Mouse Scroll Wheel: switch items in inventory toolbar
  • Mouse Scroll Wheel click: switch to block type highlighted by the cursor

Interface Controls

  • I: open inventory
  • T: activate chat in multiplayer games
  • F: activate in-game fog
  • Escape: open options menu
  • F1: hide the visual interface
  • F2: take an in-game screenshot
  • F3: view debug display to show the character's coordinates and other information
  • Shift F3: see game performance
  • F5: switch perspective between first-person (default) and third-person
  • F8: make the cursor move more smoothly
  • F11: switch between full-screen and windowed displays
  • Tab: list all the players

These "F" keys are function keys, which are located at the top of the keyboard. They are not combination keys that involve pressing the F key plus a number.