Minecraft PC Controls

Mastering Movement and More

Minecraft Profile | Survival Guide | Monsters | Block Types | Controls Delving into Minecraft isn't easy when there's no instruction manual or tutorial to help get you started. If you're having trouble figuring out what does what, here is a breakdown of Minecraft's keyboard and mouse controls on the PC platform.

Movement Controls

W = move forward

A = sidestep left

S = move backward

D = sidestep right

Left Shift = hold to sneak while walking

Spacebar = jump

Action Controls

Left Mouse Button = swing arm to dig, mine, chop, pull switches or punch

Right Mouse Button = place blocks

Q = drop item in hand

Mouse Scroll Wheel = switch items in inventory toolbar

Mouse Scroll Wheel click = switch to block type highlighted by cursor

Interface Controls

I = open inventory

T = activate chat in multiplayer games

F = activate in-game fog

Escape = open options menu

F1 = hide visual interface

F2 = take in-game screenshot

F3 = view debug display

F5 = switch perspective between first-person (default) and third-person

F11 = switch between full-screen and windowed displays