Could Minecraft "Switch" It Up?

With the Nintendo Switch recently announced, is there any chance for Minecraft?

With Nintendo’s newest console, the “Switch”, recently announced, us as a player base are very interested in knowing where our favorite blocky game will end up next. Whether or not Minecraft will end up on the Nintendo Switch in the form of a “Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition”, we know that we’re ready for it if it does. In this article, we will be discussing why Minecraft on the Nintendo Switch would be beneficial for not only the game, but it’s players, the console, and the capabilities a version on the Switch could and should have. Please keep in mind that because we know very little about the Nintendo Switch, we can only make assumptions that have been talked about throughout the community and what has been shown in the various official pieces of art and videos released by Nintendo. Let’s get started.



Everybody knows the benefit of playing Minecraft from your living room or bedroom on a console. Laying back in your favorite place to game with a controller in your hand, the TV boasting bold with blocks and vibrant colors, and the sound of the game escaping through the speakers. With the Nintendo Switch, many new ways to experience video games are given to the player. The way we’ve previously described being one of them among the many. As far as traditional Minecraft console editions go, we can certainly assume that the playstyle of gaming (as if the Nintendo Switch were used in a home console setting) would play as normal. This style of play could potentially offer a familiar grasp to anybody who has enjoyed the console editions of the past. 

Mobile Minecraft


For the first time ever, aside from Minecraft: Pocket Edition, players will be able to bring Minecraft with them on the go, given the idea that Nintendo would want to bring this game to their console. With the Nintendo Switch’s capabilities in terms of transportation, this changes everything. No longer will a player need their phone or tablet to play Minecraft outside of their homes on their consoles or off of their computers.

A very important thing to note is that the Nintendo Switch, whether it be plugged into the docking station or being directly held in your hands outside your home, is a console first and foremost. While it might seem like a tablet with buttons on the left and right, the version of Minecraft you will be playing (provided it comes out) will not be the Pocket Edition due to the hardware’s design as a console versus something along the lines of an iPad. This allows for better gameplay as updates come out much quicker for the console editions then their Pocket Edition counterparts.

Multiplayer Everywhere


A major benefit of playing Minecraft on the Nintendo Switch would be the ability to access multiplayer with friends directly near you, or online on servers. While there is no confirmation on whether or not Nintendo will be supplying a service to allow for internet access when not connected to Wi-Fi, we can only assume that Nintendo Switch devices will be allowed to pair up with each other, similarly to how the Nintendo 3DS does. Even on the go, players are able to interact with each other on the same device using various controller set-ups. Presumably, for the interest of playing certain games more comfortably (and not using the Joy-Con controllers), other controllers would ideally be able to be used when playing multiplayer directly on the same device.

Touchscreen Capabilities

Taylor Harris

Minecraft with various touchscreen capabilities would be quite the addition to the game’s arsenal. While it may have been quite the odd leap in terms of the Minecraft: Wii U Edition having two screens to worry about at a time, with the Nintendo Switch having only one screen to worry about at a time, touchscreen opportunities are extremely possible. Playing on television would insist that you would not be playing with the ‘tablet’, therefore, touchscreen opportunities would not be used as tablet would be in it’s dock. If you are playing with the tablet in hand, touchscreen capabilities could be used.

These opportunities could be used to craft items, hit mobs, break blocks, and various other features. While it may seem like a small addition to the game, players would more than likely use the features when mobily enjoying their game for ease of access.

Microsoft's Love


While console wars are entirely understandable due to branding and consumers having to pick a side because of financial responsibilities (in regards to not shelling out thousands of dollars to own every piece of gaming equipment imaginable), Microsoft is usually pretty adult about understanding that even their competitors can do something right in this industry. It’s very rare to hear any company make mention of their rivals, especially when these companies are as big as Microsoft, Playstation, and Nintendo.

While Microsoft and Playstation are at the forefront of the gaming market, being in undoubtably more homes than Nintendo consoles, it’s nice to know that these two companies can oftentimes make differences, but commendate each other on their successes, ideas, and designs. Microsoft’s head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, has done this on multiple occasions in the past few months.

Not only has Phil Spencer shared his love for Minecraft being on the Wii U and calling Microsoft’s relationship with Nintendo great, but he has also mentioned his love for the Nintendo Switch (and the company) for “their ability to state a bold vision and build a product that delivers on that vision”.

These comments make us very excited to speculate that a Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition could eventually come out with concepts of the hardware’s design implemented as features for gameplay.

In Conclusion

While very little on this system is known, we can only hope that Minecraft will be added to our collection of titles in the next few months, preferably around the initial release of the console. This move would be very beneficial in terms of sales for Minecraft, but also in terms of allowing our community to grow, primarily for those of whom who haven’t played the game and will be experiencing it for the first time. With a little over five months left to wait for our new console, our excitement grows every waking minute.