Minecraft.net Redesign With Beta Release

Mojang has announced that Minecraft.net will get a new design!

Mojang has announced that in the next coming months, Minecraft.net will be getting a major rework and overhaul. This update has been much needed for the past few years and should be very beneficial to players. Let’s talk about Minecraft’s new and improved website.

The Announcement


On February 3rd, Owen Hill announced in a post on Mojang’s website that Minecraft.net would be getting a new and improved version of the site later this year. The website is set to include a more user-friendly interface, new features, and community content. On top of all this, supposedly “extra special secret stuff” will be added that they are currently not wanting to share information regarding. This can only make us players raise an eyebrow in interest. Well played, Mojang. Players can only assume what the new “extra special secret stuff” will be until announced from a credible source.

Regarding the current version of the beta release of the site, Owen Hill stated,“For now, we’re testing out an early redesign of Minecraft.net. It’ll include bugs, typos, and placeholder bits and pieces that might not work as you’d expect. It doesn’t show off our awesome merch. There is a high chance it’ll explode into a cloud of pixels… Still, we’re happy for you to have a poke around. You can log in, change your skin, and do most of the things that current Minecraft.net supports.”

When using the beta version of the website, you’ll more than likely find many problems. If problems persist, try using the main website to get your work needed done whether it be changing a skin, downloading the game, or accessing various locations that are not available.

The Beta

Overall, the Beta version of the Minecraft.net website is very well done and will more than likely be accepted by most players. When using the website, it feels very smooth. Most features are currently working on the website (minus a few). One feature that is currently missing from the beta.Minecraft.net version of the website while still being featured on the Minecraft.net version of the website is the Stats page. While this isn’t a major necessity in terms of use on the website, it is nice to occasionally check to see how many copies of the game has been sold for reference.

On the front page of the website, the various versions of the game are highlighted, allowing for players to easily locate a place where they should purchase Minecraft for the available platforms (Desktops, Consoles, Devices). On top of featuring the main game of Minecraft, Mojang has also put a priority in using blank space to advertise Minecraft: Story Mode and Minecraft: Realms. Putting all of these various links on the front page of the website is very beneficial in knowing where to access and where to purchase their products available.

In Conclusion

If you have an interest in trying the Beta version of the Minecraft.net website, you can do so by going to www.beta.minecraft.net. When using the website, please note that the current version of what you’re seeing and poking around with is a Beta. Things may or may not be broken at various times or they may just be broken altogether. Mojang has announced that they will be creating a place for users to send feedback about the soon shortly. If something is found that seems to be out of place (or offensive) contact Owen Hill on Twitter at his handle @bopogamel. From what has been released, the new website Mojang is producing seems very promising. More information will be posted as we learn of it.