Is Mine Chest Worth It? ("Finally Beta!" Review!)

Is Mine Chest worth it? Let's talk about it!

Minecraft and Mojang have officially gotten into the business of sending frequent goodies to their adoring fans who are willing to pay a monthly fee. With the growing interest in subscription based boxes for fandoms and cultures, it only makes sense for Minecraft to do the same. In this article, we will be discussing the contents of the first ever publicly available Mine Chest.

What Is Mine Chest?

Mine Chest is a monthly subscription box delivered straight to your doorstep bringing new and fun goodies and items. If you’ve ever wanted to start collecting various pieces of Minecraft merchandise, this is the box to get! Every month, subscribers will get an Exclusive Minecraft T-shirt, toys, collectibles and many other pieces of Minecraft merchandise that is available only to Mine Chest subscribers.

On the Mine Chest website, Mine Chest describes their service in a very promising way, “Month after month, your Mine Chest will be filled with items that players of all ages will enjoy wearing, collecting and creating. A Mine Chest subscription adds to the depth of players’ game knowledge as well as their Minecraft apparel and real life crafting experience. Bridging the space between game play and real world creativity, even the in-game chest replica that arrives at your front door can be transformed into something new and fun.”

The Box Itself

he Minecraft monthly box - Mine Chest.

Being true to form in the idea and concept of following the name “Mine Chest”, this box features the look of none other than an in-game Minecraft chest. Being immediately recognizable to any player, this box is sure to give a great feel to players who see it. Opening how a normal Minecraft chest would, the Mine Chest box opens from the top and will immediately expose the goodies within. With a Minecraft logo slapped onto the top and a Mine Chest logo exposed on the front, subscribers to the chest will be excited when seeing these designs.

Yay! T-Shirts!

he Minecraft monthly box - Mine Chest.

When you open up your Mine Chest box, the first thing you will notice is a T-shirt neatly folded above everything else. In the May Mine Chest box, the shirt will feature the original Minecraft logo with a yellow splash text that says, “Finally Beta”. You will notice that the T-shirt is neatly placed above everything else in the box in it’s own little layer. This adds a sense of wonder before opening the flap hiding all of the items below. On top of the shirt having it’s own little area, the flap that it is sitting on is designed with the top view of an oak log. Seeing the design of a log, versus an empty, black area (like a chest that is open in Minecraft) adds a great, new feeling.

Under The Hood

An open Mine Chest.

While it may blend in, the secret compartment of your secret box isn’t very secret. It’s pretty obvious what we should be lifting up to get to the goodies below. Upon pulling the tab and opening the flap below the shirt, you will find many goodies, alongside two boxes under a crumpled piece of brown paper. Each of these surprises offer a new look into Minecraft that will make your interest grow in both the game and obtaining new merchandise.

The Changelog

Contents of a Mine Chest.

The good people at Mine Chest have decided to throw in a notepad for subscribers of the monthly box in the form of a “changelog”. If you are unaware of what a changelog is and why it is important to Minecraft, a changelog is a document of all changes made to a specific project. Instead of the changelog featuring an actual list of changes in the game, the changelog is blank. This allows for players to write in whatever they feel is necessary or worth noting about anything they like (preferably the game).

Minecraft: Collectible Sticker-Cards

Minecraft trading cards.

If you were/are a fan of collecting trading cards and various things of that nature, you will more than likely enjoy the included pack of Minecraft’s Collectible Sticker Cards! Each pack of cards contain three stickers. The sticker-cards included in the various packs given to subscribers are completely random, like most card collectors would assume.

Unlike many types of cards available on the market, Minecraft’s Collectible Sticker Cards give players a neat addition. As you collect the various cards available, the backs of the cards can form many different posters in the form of a puzzle. The more cards you collect, the higher the chance you’ll be able create a full picture. The one downside to getting these packs is the number of cards inside. Usually, most trading card packages come with anywhere from seven to ten cards. Due to the fact that there is such a small number of cards in each pack, the odds of getting to complete a poster (or to get a card you’d rather have) is very slim. The cards and stickers are very nice and are of great detail, however.

This Is A Sticker?

A Minecraft Sticker

If you didn’t think you had enough stickers in this package, you were wrong! If you’ve played Minecraft before (which if you’ve gotten this far into the article, I hope you have), you’ve definitely seen the game’s splash text that shows up on the logo of the game. The splash text that appears in the game will always have a new message that shows up and bounces around. This yellow font has become easily recognizable and has brought many funny things to Minecraft. Usually, these messages are references to pop culture or to the game itself. Many of the messages mention the text itself and reference it’s existence in the form of Easter Eggs like “Random splash!”, “This text is hard to read if you play the game at the default resolution, but at 1080p it’s fine!”, “Now with 100% more yellow text!”, and much more.

This sticker makes fun of the yellow text that we’ve all grown to love with the very simple sentence “This is a sticker!”. While it may be a little simple in design, fans of Minecraft are sure to enjoy it.

The Journey Begins!

A Minecraft Postcard.

On a postcard that has been returned to its sender by mail, a message reads, “The Journey Begins! I’ve discovered some amazing things in this new world. After traveling for months, I’ve bundled up a chest-full of items for you to investigate. Take care of these artifacts. They are relics from THE BETA AGE! In this chest you’ll find some cotton garb emblazoned with some words of significance from this special time. I have also enclosed a changelog for you to document things with. You will also encounter the mark of the tree, a goblet of drinking, and a never before seen sheet of sticking. Treasure these items. I have also included a special crafting recipe. Your mission is to craft this item using any available resources. I will be monitoring #minechest to view your creations. Next time, I journey to… The Nether! Mine and craft with all your might!”

This postcard explains the items that have been sent in a fairly funny way and gives a sneak-peek as to what will be the next new items sent. As this postcard has been sent to detail what is within, we can only assume (and hope) that these will become a regular thing.

DIY Crafting Recipe: Box Cave

Minecraft Crafting Recipe

While they could have given you things that you got to play with a few times and got bored with, the good people at Mine Chest want you to get creative! Inside the box there is a piece of paper giving the subscriber of the box directions on how to create a box cave. Following the fairly simple instructions will allow those who are willing to be creative to have fun with a new project. Having “BETA” filled in the blank after “No.”, we can only imagine there will be new projects to create with every box.

A Wood Block?

A Minecraft wooden block stamp.

While at first glance, it may seem like a wood block in the white box, we can assure you it’s not. On the bottom of the block, players will notice the etching of a tree in a rubber-like material. Upon further inspection, you’ll realize that it’s a stamp! Using the ink included in the white box alongside the wooden block, you will be able to place a picture of your tree anywhere you see fit. The artistic rendition of the tree has a notable block missing from the middle of it’s trunk. Presumably, the block missing is meant to be the block you’re using to stamp said picture.

Creeper Mug!

A Minecraft Mug

Have you been wanting that neat little Creeper mug created by J!NX? If you are, you’re finally able to say you have one! With a recognizable face like the Creeper’s on a mug, you’ll be sure to be drinking with gaming-style in no-time! The Creeper mug is completely microwave and dishwasher safe. This is an added bonus if you like your coffee explosively hot!

In Conclusion

Alongside the many subscription boxes currently available, Mine Chest is off to a great start. While things like the trading cards should be swapped out in exchange for better items, it’s still great so far. If the good people at Mine Chest have realized their box could include better items, we know they will try. As this is the first box available to the public, we can only expect better in the future! To purchase your very own Minecraft themed box, head to Mine Chest’s website today!