Minecraft Launches New World to Teach Kids Online Safety

Exclusive to Minecraft: Education Edition

To celebrate Safer Internet Day, Minecraft: Education Edition is launching a new immersive experience to teach kids about internet safety and online threats.

The experience is called CyberSafe: Home Sweet Hmm and aims to educate young players about how to protect themselves and their private information while online. You will find the Education Collection on the Minecraft Marketplace starting in March and it will be available for free.

Trusted Adult in Minecraft Education Edition


In the game, young players will face four main challenges that teach lessons in cyber safety, ranging from protecting their passwords to avoiding scams. The first challenge involves verifying game handles and connecting to the right person.

The second teaches kids not to give up login information, the third centers around securing personal information, and the last challenge reminds the player to be skeptical of online deals.

Trust is a big factor in the game, and it encourages players to communicate with trusted sources. Players will have access to a Trusted Adult character who advises on what they should do if they get stuck. Xbox states that it hopes this new project starts family conversations about online security.

The Xbox brand has been pushing for better cyber security standards in recent years. In 2019, Xbox implemented new chat filters that allow players to filter out harassing messages or remove swear words.

The company even established a bounty program to encourage people to look for security weaknesses on Xbox Live.

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