Why Minecraft’s Hardcore Mode Is Great

What's more hardcore than Survival in Minecraft? Hardcore mode.

When regular Survival mode in Minecraft is just too easy, Hardcore mode is the answer to your calls of desperation for something new and more intimidating. In this article, we will be discussing the Hardcore game mode and why it is such a great addition to Minecraft. Let’s talk about Mojang’s scariest addition to their game yet.

What Is Hardcore Mode?

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Hardcore mode is a game mode available to play in Minecraft. While it may seem like a normal carbon copy of the Survival game mode, the Hardcore mode offers a new set of challenges for users to undergo while playing and surviving.

Imagine a version of Minecraft where a player is spawned into a world with only one life. Suddenly, the thought of surviving Minecraft under those conditions seems much more intimidating. When a player launches a world under the game mode of Hardcore, players immediately lose the ability to change the difficulty of which their world is set in and lose the ability to respawn in their world after a death. After a player has died in their world, a game over screen gives only one option to delete the world save.


If surviving alone wasn’t hard enough, Mojang went out of their way to include a multiplayer version of Hardcore mode. This mode allows players to team up or face off and attempt to kill each other in a Hunger Games-esque survival of the fittest. When a player dies in a Multiplayer Hardcore server, they are immediately banned by the server automatically, not allowing for the player to rejoin the server. If an administrator of the server deems that the player should be allowed back on the server, he or she may alter the server files to let them rejoin.

Why Play Minecraft on Hardcore Mode?

Why would somebody in their right mind put themselves through suffering over the fact they have one life in a world that will be deleted after they die? The reason that the Hardcore game mode is such an interesting concept is that it makes a player think strategically. When a player thinks strategically, they will essentially need to learn new, safer, more efficient ways to do old techniques and concepts. They will also need to learn how to properly fight against mobs that they may have had trouble with in the past.

Hardcore mode also allows players to create new goals and standards for themselves. When a player may have settled for just being a horse breeder in a regular Survival world, they may find a time in their Minecraft gameplay where being a horse breeder won’t cut it out in their new Hardcore world. Having standards and goals allows for players to get much better at a skill and perfect a specific idea and concept, furthering their knowledge and ability to get something done.

The Bottom Line of Minecraft's Hardcore Mode

The idea of the Hardcore game mode in Minecraft is a pretty simple concept, but very hard to get a grasp on for even the very skilled at the game. If you think strategically and plan ahead, normally, you would be very safe in most situations in the game mode. If you have not already messed with the game mode, give it a shot. Hardcore mode is definitely something that should be tested by everybody once they believe they are ready to take it on. You should be completely ready and willing to lose your world though, upon death. Piling in hours and hours into a world that can be deleted within seconds is a very sad thought. Knowing this information, however, should give you the inspiration to make every little bit of health that your character has count.

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