Minecraft Gamemode: Creative

In this article we will be discussing the Creative Minecraft gamemode

Screenshot of minecraft with characters near city before mountain

Maybe surviving the night isn’t your strong suit. Maybe you just don’t like the idea of survival at all. Well then, welcome to one of Minecraft’s greatest additions to the game that has ever been implemented. Let’s talk about the Creative gamemode.

What Is Creative Mode?

Creative mode was officially recognized as a gamemode in the Beta 1.8 update of Minecraft. This gamemode offered players a new way to enjoy Minecraft, ditching the survival aspect of the game and allowing players to build as much as they liked without the struggle of obtaining items and the repercussions of dying. This update allowed for many players to show their “creative” side and to make new inventions or ideas in Minecraft that were not possible at one point in time.

Creative Mode allows players to think about Minecraft in the sense of little to no limitation. With the lack of limitation already being a major factor of Minecraft, Creative mode expands greatly on this, giving players resources that may or may not have been available to them readily. Creative mode gave players the ability to choose any item they wanted in Minecraft’s arsenal to build and interact with. It also gave players the ability to fly, allowing for easier access to build in harder to reach places.

Many changes have come to the Creative gamemode, such as the ability to swap armors, adding potions and many more various updates. At one point in time, mobs would provoke the player even if the player was in Creative mode, this feature has since been removed. In the 2013 Music Update, six music tracks were added that will specifically only play when a player is in Creative mode, allowing for an enriched listening experience while playing.

Minecraft Before Creative Mode

If a player wanted to even remotely emulate the concept of Creative Mode before it’s initial release in Minecraft Beta 1.8, players would need to install mods to do so. One modification to the game in particular that gained traction and attention around the world was the “TooManyItems” Mod. TooManyItems allowed players to spawn stacked versions of items, change the time, control weather and more while maintaining a Survival gamemode. One major particular flaw with the modification to the game was that it would only spawn items as high as the stacks would allow, so once you finished with the 64 blocks (or other limit depending on the item) you had to respawn them manually.

If you didn’t use mods to build the huge creations you wanted, Minecraft was a struggle. In early versions of Minecraft, it was a pain to get the necessary resources needed for particular builds. When Creative mode was announced, many players rejoiced as they’d be able to pick and choose what builds they wanted to do “legitimately” or with the help of a gamemode that would allow them to build faster. Many players of Minecraft were angry with the addition of Creative mode, feeling that it was an easy way around the Survival aspects of the game and made the game less difficult to play.

In Conclusion

The addition of the Creative gamemode gives players the ability to express themselves in ways that were once not possible. Minecraft has always been about finding solutions to problems provided to its players. Creative mode allows players to imagine and invent new answers to problems that they may face in various situations. It also allows for players to just enjoy themselves, as if Minecraft was a large box of building blocks (which it arguably is).