Minecraft Dungeons Pushed to May 26 due to Coronavirus

The developer needs more time to finish the hotly anticipated spinoff

Why This Matters

For those waiting for this loot-gathering hack and slash adventure set in the world of Minecraft, the delay may seem much longer as we all hunker down at home during the pandemic.

Minecraft Dungeons bridge over glowing lava

Minecraft Dungeons, the hotly-anticipated dungeon-crawling spin-off to the venerable Minecraft, will not ship on time. Development delays revolving around the COVID-19 pandemic forced developer Mojang to delay its release an extra month.

Why? The development team needed time to adjust to the new work-at-home way of life due to the COVID-19 crisis.

What they said: "These measures have unfortunately had an impact on our development schedule for Minecraft Dungeons," wrote the developer on their FAQ page for the game, "and we have decided to release the game on May 26. While we are disappointed to wait a few more weeks, we’re working hard to bring players the best experience possible on May 26, 2020."

Minecraft Dungeons is a brand-new action-adventure title set in the Minecraft universe inspired by classic dungeon crawlers.

What is this? Minecraft is perhaps the most well-known and successful indie game in video game history, and the company that makes it was acquired by Microsoft in 2009. Since then, the game has possibly gotten even more ubiquitous, with many distinct new ways of using it around the world, including publishing banned books and helping kids learn at home.

Minecraft Dungeons is a less open-ended sandbox world and places Minecraft-style characters into an adventure game format, set in the block world they all love. You'll be able to battle with one to four players (or by yourself) on an "epic quest" to defeat the evil Arch-Illager. The game will run $20 on Windows, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4. You'll be able to get it for free if you're a Game Pass subscriber on Xbox One or PC.

The bottom line: Ultimately, a few weeks of waiting won't hurt anyone, but the days and weeks may feel longer thanks to our new hunker-down lifestyle.

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