Digging Deeper: Diamonds

Having trouble finding those coveted Diamonds in Minecraft? Let's help.

Minecraft Diamonds. Taylor Harris

Diamonds are a necessary item to Minecraft survival. When you’re in a pinch, it’s nice to have some tools made from one of the rarest and most valuable items in the game. It’s also nice to have a jukebox and various other features like enchanting. These things wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for diamonds! Let’s talk about it.


Location, Location, Location.

If Diamond Ore is absolutely necessary to be found, it can be very infuriating and time consuming. It’s a block that seems to only appear when you’re not looking for it and that may be because you’re looking in all the wrong places! To find Diamond Ore you’ll need more than a pickaxe. You’ll also need time and a whole lot of patience.

Diamond Ore is often found approximately under Layer 12 and above Layer 5. They’re very rarely found on layers 13 through 15. They will never be found at level 16 or higher unless placed by another player. Diamond veins are generated approximately 1 time per chunk



There are many different tools in Minecraft such as the Pickaxe, the Shovel, the Sword, the Axe, and the Hoe. All of these tools can be crafted using diamonds. Crafting tools with diamonds gives the tool many more uses, rather than their wood counterparts. These tools are often sought after for their ability to get the job done much quicker without as many breaks remaking tools.

A Diamond Pickaxe is absolutely necessary to get into places such as the Nether (by mining Obsidian) if you do not have water and the right amount of lava to build a Nether Portal. A Hoe, Shovel, and Axe will all do the same job, but a Diamond version of that tool with work much faster! The Diamond Sword will do much more damage than it’s wood, stone, iron and gold counterparts and last much longer.


Diamond Armor is very important to Minecraft survival. If you’re playing against others or battling mobs and bosses, you will want to be completely suited and ready for anything that comes your way. Diamond Armor without a doubt is the strongest armor in the game. Get a Diamond Sword on your side and you’re guaranteed to have little to no challenge taking down any mob in your way!

Enchanted Armor, additionally, has much greater use when used with Diamonds rather than iron, gold or leather. If you are going to enchant something, save the enchantment for something Diamond unless needed immediately. Diamond Armor is already strong enough, but with enough bonuses you’ll practically be invincible.


Two different achievements can be awarded to a player that involve diamonds. The achievement “DIAMONDS!” can be achieved by obtaining diamonds by picking them up from the ground. The achievement “Diamonds to you!” can be achieved by dropping a diamond on the ground for a player or mob to pick up. These achievements are fairly easy to achieve after obtaining a diamond.

Diamonds in Recipes

Diamonds are in many crafting recipes such as Firework Stars, Jukeboxes, and Enchantment Tables. Each item has their own individual use. Diamonds are needed to craft these various items because each item’s importance to the game is significant. If you were to want one of these items badly enough, you would need to be willing to put a valuable resource towards the creation process of the item.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, the Diamond itself is a very elusive item in Minecraft. The Diamond has changed the way that tools are used in terms of efficiency and durability over the years. As time has progressed, Diamonds have only had more and more uses implemented into the game for players to take advantage of for their own personal gain.

Finding these Diamonds can be quite tricky, but is ultimately worth it when you're in a pinch. Follow the tips and tricks given to you in this article and you'll be on your way to an easier Minecraft life in no time!