Cool Deadpool Minecraft Skins!

In this article, we check out some cool Deadpool Minecraft skins!

Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool
20th Century Fox

Have you ever wanted to play "Minecraft" while looking as if you were ready to kick some bad guys into oblivion? If your answer to that question is “Why, of course, my good sir!”, these "Minecraft" skins are the ones for you! In celebration of Marvel Entertainment and 20th Century Fox releasing the long-awaited Deadpool movie, we will be showcasing three awesome fan-made skins that should whet your appetite in the department of making your character look even cooler than before.

Captain Deadpool… Nah, just Deadpool.

Deadpool Minecraft skin

Everyone’s favorite assassin, Wade Wilson, The Merc With A Mouth, The Crimson Nutcase, Chiyonosake, or just Deadpool (if you don’t want to be too fancy) makes for an extremely cool skin to wear in "Minecraft." With this skin, you obtain the attention of many passersby in servers with its bright red colors and the recognizable Deadpool characteristics. This skin has been specifically designed for the Steve character model and looks best there. If you are interested in downloading this skin, it is available for download at ​ The availability of this wonderfully created skin was made possible by -MonkeyKing- on PlanetMinecraft.

Negasonic Teenage Warhead

Deadpool Minecraft skin

Do you think the world is as dark as your clothing? Maybe you have a brooding personality? No, no. We can wait. Finish your tweet and don’t forget to hashtag it. If you watched the Deadpool movie, this character more than likely spoke to your angsty teenager side, and that’s not all bad. With this skin, plenty of people will notice and be quite jealous of your taste in superheroes with extremely long and convoluted names.

All jokes aside, this skin was designed by DJ Notnice9000 on PlanetMinecraft. This skin was specifically designed to look best when put on the Alex character model. This skin is available for download on and looks absolutely fantastic.


Deadpool Minecraft skin

This skin features Colossus, member of the X-Men and a major factor in frustrating Deadpool. He’s as big as he is scary, but surprisingly he’s kind and gentle. What he lacks in meanness, he makes up for in strength. Colossus is a character who can speak to us all and make us feel something, but he just won’t stop droning on! If you’re wanting a skin that will make your character look not only tough but extremely hard to go unnoticed, this is a great choice.

The Colossus skin featured was designed specifically for (and looks best when applied to) the Steve character model. This particular version of Colossus is based off the comic book alternative, rather than the movie. This skin was created by Luka on It is available for download and use, currently on their website. This skin looks absolutely fantastic for "Minecraft" and is definitely worth the use.

In Conclusion

BagoGames via Flickr

 If you’re looking for some fun skins to spice up your "Minecraft" experience, hopefully these skins did the trick for you. Their creators have clearly worked hard on keeping the design and quality true to the original references used. Whether you’re wanting to show your wild side, look like an angsty teenager, or look like a metallic body builder, these skins should help you in making a decision, especially if it’s aimed around looking for skins regarding the Deadpool movie.

As Deadpool has only recently been released, there are very few skins available to pick and choose from (particularly with characters from the movies and not necessarily their comic book variants). If these "Minecraft" skins do not end up working out for you in terms of what you are looking for in terms of quality or design, feel free to browse the internet and you’ll more than likely see new ones become available as more time passes.

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