Minecraft Biomes Explained: Mushroom Biome!

With Minecraft’s many biomes being often confusing, a great place to start this series is perhaps the most mysterious biome of them all, the Mushroom Biome. Let’s take a look at this freak of virtual nature and see what makes this rare biome tick. 

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Minecraft screenshot

We hope you have got your sea legs ready because to get to a Mushroom biome it will take a lot of sailing (or swimming if you’re Minecraft’s Michael Phelps). ​The Mushroom biome is primarily found far out in the ocean, not connected to any other masses of land in the form of an island. There are even rarer occurrences of Mushroom biomes being found connected to the main plot of land players spawn in, not having to sail around looking for one. You will immediately be able to tell the difference in a Mushroom biome and a normal biome by the distinct color of Mycelium (the Grass of the Mushroom biome).

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Minecraft mushroom biome screenshot

As previously mentioned, Mycelium is the form of grass for the Mushroom Biome. Being a Mushroom biome, it would only make sense for Mushrooms to be growing everywhere. Mycelium allows for that process to happen. Generally, a block will reject Mushrooms and not allow them to grow in bright light, while Mycelium allows for Mushrooms to grow at any time of day or night. Huge Mushrooms are also able to grow on the Mycelium, making the biome stand out even more. 

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A Great Place to Live

Minecraft screenshot of a mooshroom

For some reason, Mushroom biomes are generally safe. While almost all biomes are able to spawn hostile mobs, Mushroom biomes can not. No mobs other than Mooshrooms (the mushroom version of a cow, if you couldn’t tell), spawn in the biome. This makes the Mushroom biome a peaceful habitat for all players to enjoy, not having to worry about picking a fight. The safeness of this biome is not only above ground, as the safeness below (in a cave, for example) is the exact same. There will be no Creepers sneaking up behind you, so relax and enjoy yourself.

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Unlimited Food

Minecraft screenshot of multiple mooshrooms

If you have the resources available to make a Bowl, you should have the resources available to make a Mushroom Stew. As Mushrooms and Mooshrooms should be flooding your biome with their presence, a lack of food should never be a problem. When a Mooshroom is sheared by a player, the Mooshroom will turn into a regular cow. Upon shearing the Mooshroom, the animal will drop 5 Red Mushrooms. It should also be mentioned while on the topic of Mooshrooms that the Mooshrooms themselves contain more than just Mushrooms. When a Mooshroom is killed they have a chance of dropping raw beef, leather or even steak if they are burned and killed.

Also, another food-related topic worth noting is farming on a Mushroom biome is completely possible, while not seeming like it at first glance. When using a Hoe on a block of Mycelium, the Hoe will do nothing. To farm in a Mushroom biome, break the block of Mycelium and place the Dirt block you’ve been given in return. Use the Hoe again on the Dirt and the land should be able to farm on (with the normal farming fashion).

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The Downside

Very dark Minecraft screenshot

While there are Huge Mushrooms as far as the eye can see, you’ll notice a lack of trees. This is because trees do not naturally spawn in the Mushroom Biome. While it is completely possible to grow trees in a Mushroom biome from saplings, it can be very hard to do (which can make survival very difficult). When dirt, grass or anything along those lines is placed next to Mycelium, the Mycelium will overpower the dirt-related block and turn it into Mycelium. Making an elevated platform that is not touching Mycelium should do the trick, just remember to bring saplings with you when traveling to your potential new home.

Prepare Yourself for the Biomes Search

While Mushroom biomes can be very tough to find, they are a very interesting place to live and experience. Definitely try finding your own little enemy-free safe haven and enjoy yourself in a world full of toadstool. Remember to come prepared and to experience a long trip between the mainland, the ocean and your destination. Don’t be afraid to stop at islands along the way to reap them of their resources. You can never be too prepared.