Animals Explained: Ocelots!

Let's talk about everybody's favorite Minecraft cat; the Ocelot!

Everyone’s favorite real life, South American, wild cat made it into Minecraft back on March 1, 2012. The Ocelot quickly captured Minecrafter’s hearts as (very obviously) one of the cutest pets available to players. In this article we will learn what makes this mob one cool cat!

Where To Find

Ocelots will primarily attempt to spawn on leaves or grass blocks in Jungle biomes, which are located at sea level or higher. Ocelots will attempt to hide or run from the player when the player enters the vicinity of the Ocelot too quickly, so keep your eyes peeled.  At times, one to two Ocelot kittens will spawn randomly alongside an adult ocelot. The Ocelot kittens in question will generally follow the adult’s lead and do as it does.

The Different States of Ocelots

Ocelots will have two different states, besides kittens (which are the same as regular Ocelots, just younger). The two states that an Ocelot is able to be are “Ocelot” and “Cat”.

An Ocelot is considered the wild variant of the two states. When the Ocelot is in this state, the mob will be very passive and is arguably shy. If a player gets too close to the Ocelot, the mob will sprint away from the player, no matter the gamemode a player is in (Creative, Survival, etc.). An Ocelot will still see and notice a player, even with invisibility active. Ocelots will stay very shy until tamed.

The other state in which an Ocelot can be in is of the “Cat” variety. This state is recognized as when an Ocelot has been tamed. Cats, like Wolves, will follow a player when tamed. To make an Ocelot stop following a player, the player can press the use button while hovering over the animal. If a player runs too far from the Ocelot, it will teleport back, like a Wolf will. If a Cat is standing and notices a bed, chest, or furnace, the Cat will attempt to jump and sit on it, making the block in question unusable by a player until the cat has been pushed off.


 When attempting to tame an Ocelot, there are various stipulations that must be fulfilled before it is tamed. These stipulations are generally the same, but can all be affected by how the player interacts. To tame an Ocelot, a player must hold out uncooked fish to tempt the mob. After doing so, the Ocelot will then inch towards the player slowly while begging for food. For the Ocelot to enter it’s state of begging, the player must be within ten blocks of the mob. If a player nears the mob while not letting the Ocelot near the player itself, the Ocelot will run away if it scared. A word of advice is to allow the Ocelot to come to you versus you going to the Ocelot, the closer you near, the higher the chance the Ocelot will become frightened.

When a Ocelot is tamed and becomes a Cat, they will be given a color of fur. The possible colors a Cat can have are orange, black, and a white/gray variety. If you’re looking for a Cat in a specific color, just keep trying. Eventually, you will find the Cat you’re looking for!

Benefits and Behavior

Minecraft Creeper
Minecraft Creeper. Taylor Harris

Other than having a cuddly kitten as a buddy, a major benefit of owning a Ocelot is that they will make Creepers run away from you when near. Creepers will attempt to avoid the Ocelot and will make the creeper keep his distance. Ocelots can also attack Chicken! These mobs will go out of their way to kill a Chicken if it is within its vicinity. Keep your Ocelot away from (or near) your Chicken as you wish.

In Conclusion

Ocelot are a wonderful companion that can turn a lonely adventure into a load of fun and safety. These loveable bodyguards can protect you and bring new horizons to your adventures in Minecraft. Have fun and find you the perfect pet!