MineCon 2016 Announced!

MineCon 2016 was recently announced, but where in the world is it?

Minecraft is coming to the real world once again in the form of Mojang’s yearly convention (based around its best selling video game Minecraft), “MineCon.” With MineCon getting bigger and bigger every year, this event is expected to be greater than all past events. In this article, we will talk about what has been announced involving MineCon directly from the mouth of Mojang. Let’s get to it!

The Announcement Video

In a very flashy, comedic video, Jens “Jeb” Bergensten and Lydia “MinecraftChick” Winters roll up to a red carpet in a limousine. Getting out of the vehicle in what is definitely too professional of attire for a convention, co-workers come outside and ask what they’re doing in Hollywood, California. Finding out that they’re in the wrong spot, they stop production.


Each MineCon has been hosted in a new location every year to allow for as many fans as possible to experience the fun. MinecraftCon 2010 was hosted in Bellevue, Washington and was the first MineCon of it’s type. MineCon 2011 was held in Las Vegas, Nevada and was the convention that Minecraft’s official release happened at. MineCon 2012 was held at Disneyland Park in Paris, France. In 2013, MineCon was brought back to America and was hosted in Orlando, Florida, and lastly MineCon 2015 was held in London, England and was the last MineCon held since.

This year, MineCon and fans alike can plan to head back to America as the event will be held in Anaheim, California. Mojang has noted in the post “Where In The World Is MineCon?” on their official website, “As usual, we will have a weekend event and as usual, we will be live streaming the entire time, so even if you can’t come in person, you can still enjoy the Minecrafty goodness from the lovely comfort of home.”

What To Expect?

Minecraft In Pop Culture - 4

As usual, we can expect many events to be covered at MineCon, as well as having the potential for new updates to the game to be released while the convention is being held. Convention attendees can also expect to potentially see Microsoft’s HoloLens being featured at the convention with an updated version of the demo shown at E3 in 2015. We can only expect a large majority of gaming information to be revealed and talked about, but hopes for more outside of the gaming aspect are high.

With fingers crossed, players in the Minecraft community will also hopefully gain more information on the Minecraft movie being directed by It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia creator, Rob McElhenney. Very little information has been released about the movie’s development, concept, actors, and so on and so forth.

Like all of the past MineCon events, we can only expect a new cape to be given to those who go. Each MineCon has given fans a different styled cape depending on the convention they’ve went to. The capes can be applied to attendee’s Minecraft characters and are exclusive to the specific convention it was designed for. These capes are very rare to see, but are an amazing feature to have associated with your character in-game.


While MineCon 2015 was held in July, MineCon 2016 will be held on September 24th to the 25th. Attendees can hopefully expect to get some sun and to enjoy the warm California weather while enjoying the convention. If you’re wanting to attend the convention, consider looking into booking hotels early to beat the rush of others planning to attend the convention as well. Booking a hotel room months in advance will cut the price you’d be spending way down in comparison to booking the day or week of the convention, so heavily contemplate this option.

In Conclusion

With September coming closer and closer, fans can only gain more and more excitement as time progresses. With very little information available to the public currently, only speculation exists. Mojang has announced that details involving pricing, ticket sales dates, and more will be released very soon in the near future. With Mojang consistently giving us new updates to the game, we can only imagine what will be announced at MineCon for the future of Minecraft.

As more information is released, us at Minecraft.lifewire.com will make sure to keep you updated on all things related to MineCon.