Milk Music Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs on Samsung's Milk Music Service

Milk by Samsung
Image via Samsung

What Kind of Service is Milk Music?

The Milk Music service was launched by Samsung, March 2014, and is categorized as an Internet radio service. The electronics giant uses Slacker Radio's platform to provide the content for Milk Music, but the front end in the app is Samsung's design. Just like other personalized radio services (such as Pandora Radio, or Beats Music), Milk Music uses stations to serve up music. These are professionally curated lists of songs (compiled by DJs and music experts) that focus on particular areas of music -- common themes include: genre, artist, etc.

The main interface consists of a dial which lists a selection of genres. This can be modified in certain ways -- for instance, you can add favorite stations or your own custom ones.

Can I Customize Stations?

There are over 200 pre-compiled stations to choose from, but you can tweak what gets played with the apps built-in customizing features. For example, if you don't like a song and want to make sure it doesn't play again in the future, you can use the "never play song" option. You can also fine-tune a station by using a set of sliders (swipe up from the bottom) to vary how music is served up. The sliders include: New, Popular, and Favorite -- adjusting the New slider to maximum, for example, will play more songs that have been recently released.

How about creating my own stations?

As previously mentioned, there are 200+ stations that have been professionally curated, but you can also create your own customized ones from scratch too. Seeds are used to create a station which are based on songs and artists -- you can use up to 50 seeds for a mix of artists and songs in one station.

Can I Listen to Music on my Smartphone or Tablet?

Unlike the majority of streaming music services that usually focus on compatibility with a wide range of smartphone and tablet manufacturers, you can only use Samsung's Milk service if you have one of their 'select' devices. At the time of writing, the service is compatible with Samsung Galaxy devices and some tablets. To see if yours is supported, check out Samsung's list of Milk-compatible devices.

If you've got more than one Samsung device then you can sync your personalized stations across all your devices that are associated with your Samsung account. You can also stream music to multiple devices, but not at the same time -- you'll need separate Samsung accounts to do this.

Is Milk Music Free?

Yes, it is. You don't need to sign up to start listening. You can stream an unlimited amount of music for free, but there's a skip limit -- this is currently a maximum of 6 skips in a station per hour. Presently all songs are streamed without advertisements. However, Samsung says that this is for a limited time -- there's no word yet on when songs will be ad-supported or if a premium option will be available to subscribe to.​

What is Milk Music's Bitrate For Streaming Songs?

There are two bitrates that you can use to stream songs from Milk Music. The first one is called Standard which streams songs at a bitrate of 40 Kbps. This is the default setting and is ideal if using 'lo-fi' equipment such as standard earbuds or your device's built-in speakers.

If you want to stream songs at a higher quality where data usage isn't an issue (such as using your home Wi-Fi router or wireless hot spot), then the High setting in the Milk Music app gives you streaming at 96 Kbps.