Microsoft's Best PowerPoint Templates

PowerPoint templates help you make professional-looking slideshows efficiently. Microsoft provides numerous options. Here are template suggestions for work or home to help you find great templates faster. To find these templates, go to File, select New, and use a keyword to search for the template.

Information in this article applies to PowerPoint 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010; PowerPoint for Microsoft 365, PowerPoint for Mac, and PowerPoint Online.

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Geometric Presentation

Screenshot of Geometric Presentation template in PowerPoint

Create a modern presentation to introduce your business, product, or service. This template has a dozen slides, including multiple divider options, charts and tables, a comparison slide, and more. The final slide has a link to editing instructions, as well.

To find and use this slide, enter geometric in the Search box and select the Geometric presentation template in the results.

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Photo Montage

Photo Montage template for PowerPoint

Present a polished collection of photos with this PowerPoint template. The template includes streamlined animations, floating captions, and even video options. The presentation is ideal for displaying real estate properties, introducing your team, or sharing fun memories.

To find and use this slideshow template, search for montage and select the Photo montage presentation template.

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Stakeholder Reports

Screenshot of Balanced Scorecard template in PowerPoint

You can easily customize the graphs, charts, and tables pre-loaded into this presentation to share performance reports with those invested in your business or project. This is a step up from a basic receipt template. Instructions on adding your own data to the charts is included in the template.

To find and use this template, search for stakeholder or balanced scorecard, and select the Balanced scorecard, from 24Slides template.

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Inspirational Quotes

Inspirational Quotes template in PowerPoint

Add this slideshow to the beginning of another presentation you are creating or let it run during a break or luncheon. The template includes 10 striking images with motivational quotes. This template uses accessibility features, such as better color contrast, meaningful alt text, and input messages.

To find and use this presentation, search for inspiration or quotes in the PowerPoint template search box and select the Inspirational quotes template.

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Problem/Solution Cycle

Screenshot of the Problem/Solution Cycle PowerPoint template

The Problem/Solution Cycle is an effective approach to change implementation. This template provides eight slides with sections for all aspects of a problem, such as the who, what, why, and how, as well as workable solutions and prototype details.

You'll find and use this template by searching any or all of the following words in the PowerPoint template search: problem, solution, or cycle.

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Wood Type

Grunge Wood Type Presentation Template


This distressed wood presentation template for Microsoft PowerPoint is an eye-catching example of design and color themes that come built right in some templates. These are pre-set combinations of colors or styles you can select for the given layout. That said, you can customize most elements of templates by hand.

Search for wood type and select the Wood Type template.

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Employee Orientation

Employee orientation template for PowerPoint

No need to create a presentation from scratch for your newly hired employees. This template features slides for your company's history, vision, policies, benefits, and more. Each slide also suggests the type of information to include.

Search for employee orientation to find and use this template.

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Animated Light Slides

Background lights animated slides template in PowerPoint

Add some elegance to a presentation with these animated slides. This accessible template features three slides with a light design for the background and animations on each slide.

Search for background lights to find and use this template.

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Animated Infographic

Animated infographic slide in PowerPoint

Add these animated slides to a new or existing slideshow. The template includes a bulleted list and an infographic that you can customize with your data.

Type animated infographic into the search box to find this and other similar slide templates.

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Business Office City Sketch Illustration Template or Printable for PowerPoint

Business Office City Sketch Illustration Template


Add an artistic flair with this lovely Business Office City Sketch Illustration Template or Printable for Microsoft PowerPoint. 

Search for business office city sketch to find and use this template

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Pseudo Cylindrical World Map Graphic

World map template for PowerPoint

This template allows you to track data on a world map. You can add text to various points on the map and edit labels. Editing instructions are available, as well.

Search for world map to download this template.

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Country and Continent Map Series

Free Country and Continent World Map Series Templates


Use the Free Country and Continent World Map Series templates for Microsoft PowerPoint for business, school, or travel projects. 

These templates can also be found by searching for world map.

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Gauge and Chart Dashboard

Gauge and chart dashboard template for PowerPoint

This colorful dashboard slide template features numerous gauges and charts. You can customize the text under each gauge and for each chart.

Find and use this slide template and other similar templates by searching for gauge or dashboard.

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Team Organization Chart

Organization chart template in PowerPoint

Org charts are often necessary but can be challenging to create. Microsoft offers multiple organization chart slide templates, such as this one. The template lets you use photos to display your company or team's hierarchy.

Search for org chart to find this and other slide templates to use in PowerPoint.

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