Microsoft's Best Personal Finance and Budget Templates and Printables

Looking to take better control of your money? These free Microsoft Office personal finance and budget templates for home or business can support your goals for financial responsibility.

Customizable tools like these can be applied to specific aspects of your financial life or your budget as a whole. Find tools for specific stages in life, such as college.

As you look through these options, please keep in mind that Microsoft templates are created for specific versions of Microsoft Office, and now you can search for these from right within specific programs. Find details with each suggested template in this collection. 

These represent a few among hundreds of templates available from Microsoft. We hope these ideas help you get your projects underway more quickly!

Personal Money Tracker

Personal Money Tracker Template for Microsoft Office

Your financial health is a composite of many things, as pictured in the Personal Money Tracker Template or Printable for Microsoft Excel.

This is a great way to track how different components are working together.

Download this by selecting File > New, then searching for "Personal Money Tracker" template from within the Excel program.

Retirement Planner


This Retirement Planner Template or Printable for Microsoft Excel lets you look ahead in a clear, organized way.

Using a tool like this takes the guesswork out of planning for your future.

In Excel, select File, then New, to find the search box for "Retirement Planner" template.

Free Budgeting

Budget Template for Microsoft Project

This Budget Template or Printable for Microsoft Project is a clear way to share your financial limits with shareholders or team members.

This tool could also be applied to home improvement projects or other personal goals.

In the Microsoft Project program, select ​File > New then search for this by keywords "Free Budgeting."

Simple Family Budget

Simple Family Budget Template for Excel

Use the Simple Family Budget Template or Printable for Microsoft Excel to keep a quick visual on household earning and spending.

The charts update automatically as you enter data.

To find this, select File > New, then search for "Simple Family Budget."

Free Marketing Budget

Marketing Budget Template for Microsoft Excel

Personal initiatives or business projects often benefit from a marketing budget.

This free Marketing Budget Template or Printable for Microsoft Excel may jog your mind on costs currently unaccounted for or may even give you some ideas on marketing strategies.

In Excel, select ​File > New. Search for the template by typing "Free Marketing Budget."

Free Grocery List and Budget

Shopping List and Budget Template for Microsoft Excel

Streamline your repetitive errands with this free Grocery List and Budget Template or Printable for Microsoft Excel.

This can be adapted for types of shopping other than groceries.

Find this template by searching "Free Grocery List and Budget" at the top of the screen when you select File > New in Excel.

Free Daily Expense Calendar

Daily Expense Calendar Template for Microsoft Office

This Free Daily Expense Calendar Template or Printable for Microsoft Excel works for any year and formulas update your totals.

Use this for a personal or team tracking tool — remember, you can get creative by customizing templates for what you need to get done!

Select File > New within Excel and then search "Free Daily Expense Calendar" to find this template.

Free Home Loan Comparison

Home Loan Comparison Template for Microsoft Excel

Try out this free Home Loan Comparison Template or Printable for Microsoft Excel when considering a major personal purchase such as a new house. 

This tool helps you see the big picture, by making "the numbers" easier to visualize and understand.

Search for this in Excel by selecting File > New and then searching "Free Home Loan Comparison."

Free Monthly Bank Reconciliation

Monthly Bank Reconciliation Statement Template for Microsoft Excel

This free Free Monthly Bank Reconciliation Template or Printable for Microsoft Excel​ can help you make sure your records match your bank's. 

Adapt this tool to a schedule that makes sense for you. For example, reconcile your transactions more frequently than monthly if you wish.

To find out whether it is available in your version of Excel, select File then New and search "Free Monthly Bank Reconciliation."

Donut Diagram Monthly Budget

Monthly College Budget Template for Microsoft Excel

This Donut Diagram Monthly Budget Template or Printable for Microsoft Excel is an awesome visual way to stay on top of your budget, whether or not you are a student.

Search for this and other templates for students you may be interested in, by selecting ​File > New from within Microsoft Office programs like Excel, and then searching "Donut Diagram Monthly Budget."

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