Microsoft's Best Father's Day Templates and Printables


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Want to celebrate the special dad in your life? Use these free templates to make Father's Day messages special or to give the fathers in your life a unique present this year.

Templates are a great way to spend your time on customization rather than the nitty-gritty of design. Also, it should be noted that Microsoft has changed how it offers templates. Now you search for templates from within each program.

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World's Greatest Dad Card Printable or Template for Microsoft Word

This World's Greatest Dad Card for Microsoft Word can be printed to paper then folded over, or given as a digital message.

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Father's Day Coupons Printable or Template for Microsoft Word

If Dad doesn't seem to need anything tangible this year, give him some IOU's. Create them with name tag templates, which can become your custom Father's Day coupons template for Microsoft Word.

The template can be used on stickers or tearable sheets, such as those produced by Avery. Alternatively, you can just print these to blank paper you cut by hand. The coupons can all be for the same or different tasks. Just replace the names which come in the template with a few helpful chores or something fun Dad can do with you.

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Fishing Photo Father's Day Card Template for Microsoft Word

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Whether the dad in your life is a fisherman or not, you can use this Fishing Photo Father's Day Card Template for Microsoft Word. You can swap out the photo and personalize the text to make it just right for the father figures in your life. Cards like this print to a full sheet of paper, which you then fold into a card.

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Best Father Award Certificate Printable Template for Microsoft Publisher

Let your Dad know how you feel by making it official. This fun World's Best Father Award or Certificate Template for Microsoft Publisher can be personalized, then printed or emailed.

This is not Microsoft's only certificate design you could use for Father's Day this year. The same link takes you to a few additional choices with different design schemes.

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Thank You Card Template or Printable for Microsoft Publisher

For any type of father figure in your life, these subdued Thank You Card Template or Printable for Microsoft Publisher is an appropriate way to show your gratitude for all he's taught you.

This is certainly not Microsoft's only thank you card, so you can search for additional designs as well.

As with most templates, the text is customizable, so be creative thanking your father.