Microsoft's Best Excel Spreadsheet Templates

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Jumpstart your personal and business projects by checking out this gallery of Microsoft’s best Excel spreadsheet templates that include time management schedules, budget planning, vacation planning, and more. You don't need to start building spreadsheets from scratch with these easy to use templates that make you look like an expert.

The information in this article applies to Excel 2019, Excel 2016, Excel 365, and Excel Online.

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Manage Your Time

Family calendar template or printable for any year in Microsoft Excel

While businesses can use calendaring templates, calendar templates are also useful for personal, family, or school purposes. The Family Calendaring Template for Excel packs a lot of information. In addition, the Yearly Business Calendar Template for Excel can be updated to any year by selecting a drop-down value within the spreadsheet.

Looking for the download link? These templates are built into Excel. To open a template, select File > New. If you can't find a template, type a description in the Search box.

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Wedding Budget Planner

Wedding budget template or printable for Microsoft Excel

The Wedding Budget Planner Template for Excel works for any type of event that requires similar planning. Family reunions, corporate retreats, fundraisers, and celebrations are examples of alternative ways to use this adaptable planning tool to keep your next event organized.

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College and Personal Budget

College or personal budget template or printable for Microsoft Excel

College or personal budget templates for Excel are visually different but serve similar purposes. These templates could also be used to determine your costs when moving into a new apartment or home, whether you're a student or not. Check out either the Personal Budget Template or the College Budget Template for Excel.

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Camping Checklist

Camping trip planner template for Microsoft Excel

Avoid forgetting supplies on your next trip into the great outdoors with this Camping Checklist Template for Excel. This type of list also comes in handy when you're preparing an emergency supply inventory for your home.

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Lawn and Garden Budget

Lawn and garden budget template and printable for Microsoft Excel

If your green thumb tends to deplete the green of your wallet, use the Lawn and Garden Budget Template for Excel. Tally your costs by plant and supply categories. The included pie chart provides a visual of your spending on these projects.

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Travel and Vacation Planning

Vacation template for Microsoft Excel

These Travel Planning Templates for Excel make it easier to organize your next adventure. The Family Travel Itinerary template is adaptable and fits important travel information on one simple sheet. Don’t let the name deter you if you are planning travel for business or if you are a single traveler.

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Timeline Organization

Timeline scheduling template or printable for Microsoft Excel

Timeline scheduling templates help individuals and teams stay organized. Looking for a more long-term schedule of events? The Timeline Template for Excel has a lot of potential for school reports, plans, corporate histories, and journals.

The Employee Shift Schedule Template for Excel is easy to read and provides details about several individuals. This template can also be used to organize volunteers and school class times.

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Paper and Index Card Templates

Graph paper template or printable for Microsoft Excel

Let the Graph Paper Template for Excel bail you out the next time you need a sheet or two, or 100. This template is great for math instructors and students. And it can be used for interior design plans. One 1/4-inch square represents 1 foot in your actual room. Let the measuring begin!

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Family Tree Chart Template

Family tree template or printable for Microsoft Excel

Use the Family Tree Chart Template for Excel to chart several generations or events. Alternatively, use this template to record results by ​a bracket for sports competitions or other contests. Excel isn't just for crunching numbers, it can help you keep track of your family.

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Maintenance Schedule

Vehicle log and maintenance template and printable for Microsoft Excel

These maintenance schedule templates automate tasks that need to happen periodically but may be forgotten due to their infrequency. Pictured here is a Vehicle Log and Maintenance Template and Printable for Excel. 

Looking for other built-in templates? Check out some great sites that feature hundreds of free templates for Excel.

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