Microsoft's Best Templates for Writers

Jump-start your writing for novels, poetry, or business proposals

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Find useful drafting, organization, marketing, and communication tools in the gallery of Microsoft’s free templates for personal, creative, academic, and professional writing projects.

Using a template can quickly get you started so that you can focus on writing. Microsoft has hundreds of templates that may interest you, but now you search through the Office program interface itself rather than through an online template site.

Story or Novel Manuscript Template for Microsoft Word

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This Story or Novel Manuscript template for Microsoft Word provides a quick way to jump right into the writing process.

While it is a generic form, and you should check each publisher's manuscript requirements before submission, this template gives you enough formatting to hit the ground running with your ideas.

Open Microsoft Word and select Office or File in the menu bar, followed by New From Template. Then use the Search field to search for this template by keyword.

Blog Post Template or Printable for Microsoft Word

Blog post template for Microsoft Word

Did you know you can write a blog in Microsoft Word

It's even easier using this Blog Post template for Microsoft Word. When you use it, a new document opens that looks mostly blank, but it includes new menus for linking and posting to your Blogger, WordPress, or similar online blogging account.

This template is available by opening Word and selecting File > New From Template. Then enter blog in the Search field. 

Email newsletter template for Microsoft Publisher

Writers who are used to Word can connect with their blog followers or anyone else on their list of email contacts with a newsletter. The Email Newsletter template for Microsoft Publisher gets you started with a professional layout.

You can send information on book promotions, news releases, upcoming events, inspiration for other writers, and anything else that you find relevant.

This design is just one of many. Look for other email-ready newsletter designs as you click through this link.

Open Publisher, select New From Template and search by keyword.

Writing Project Timeline Planning Template for Microsoft Excel

Writing project timeline planning template for Microsoft Excel

Combine your many projects in one visual, easy-to-track document with this Writing Project Timeline Planning template for Microsoft Excel. This type of file is known as a Gantt chart.

Many writers have multiple projects that are in various stages or with different deadlines. This template accommodates all your projects and is a one-stop tool for communicating your projects to your family, team, or group. It allows you to spend less time tracking down details or wondering what should be prioritized next.

Open Excel, select New From Template and search by keyword.

Book Release Event Post Card Template for Microsoft Word

Book release event postcard template for Microsoft Word

The Book Release Event Post Card Template for Microsoft Word is a versatile marketing tool for a lot of events authors find themselves involved in, from book release parties to book signings and other promotional activities.

These postcards can be customized with an image of your book cover, author photo, self-publishing logo, or another relevant image.

Search for this template in Word by selecting File, then searching by keyword under New From Template

Photo Bookmarks Template for Microsoft Publisher

Photo bookmark template for Microsoft Publisher

While promotional products that are professionally designed are a good investment, this customizable Photo Bookmarks template for Microsoft Publisher could get you by in a pinch for an upcoming event. 

You can also find many other bookmark designs.

Open Publisher, select New From Template and search by keyword.

Book Stack Presentation Template for Microsoft PowerPoint

Book stack presentation template for Microsoft PowerPoint


This Book Stack Presentation template for Microsoft PowerPoint features several different slide layouts in one downloadable file.

You have control over colors and fonts with this template, and it saves a lot of time. Using a template like this is a great way to make your next presentation your own.

Open PowerPoint, select File > New From Template and then search for the template by keyword.

Animated Flipping Book Template for Microsoft PowerPoint

Book opening effect template for Microsoft PowerPoint

For a dynamic presentation that takes visual elements to the next level, check out the Animated Flipping Book template for Microsoft PowerPoint.

The animation is simple, but it provides a fun beginning to some types of presentations. To add your text, select Insert > Text Box to create a space for text that overlays the blank book page.

In PowerPoint, select File > New From Template, and then search for the template by keyword.

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