Microsoft's Best Templates for Students

Handy templates for any student's needs

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Microsoft offers a bunch of resources any student can benefit from for free! These tools are mostly for secondary and college students, but some tools can be useful for elementary students as well.

These academic software templates by Microsoft have the potential to become useful tools for your homework, scheduling, group projects, and more.

You may also be interested in finding an updated student office software suite, which is usually less expensive than the standard versions -- though it's important to note you may need a .edu email address to validate and activate your student software.

Microsoft also offers premium templates available with an Microsoft 365 subscription.

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Student Report Template for Microsoft Word

Screenshot of Microsoft Word report template.

Add a little polish to a project or report by customizing a student report template. With templates in MLA and AP style, these templates will help you save time and help protect you from style and format errors.

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Student Resume Template for Word

Screenshot of Microsoft Word resume template.

For those soon-to-graduate or new grads, a polished resume is essential. With a few tweaks to this student resume template, you'll surely have a leg up with the competition on your new job hunt.

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Student Calendar Template for Microsoft Excel

Screenshot of Microsoft Excel calendar template.

You can use this student calendar template as a great way to keep your class schedule, assignments, and presentations organized. Here's a visual overview of your monthly class schedule to help you stay on top of those impending deadlines.

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Weekly College Schedule Template for Microsoft Excel

Screenshot of Microsoft Excel weekly schedule template.

This weekly college schedule is perfect for those that love to plan their week ahead to stay organized. You can build your week by the hour -- calculating class time, study hours, and even social events.

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Student Assignment Template for Microsoft Excel

Screenshot of Microsoft Excel student assignment template.

This assignment template allows you to add your assignments and due dates, which are then viewable on a weekly or monthly calendar. The template will help any student stay on track and making sure you never miss a due date for any assignment, regardless of its size or importance.

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Monthly College Budget Template for Excel

Screenshot of Microsoft Excel student budget template.

If you've ever been to college, you know that staying on budget is a crucial part of your success. With money usually being tight, it's essential to track all your expenses and any incoming cash. This template should help you with even the tightest of budgets.

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Presentation Template for Microsoft PowerPoint

Screenshot of Microsoft PowerPoint student presentation template.

With this report presentation template for Microsoft PowerPoint, you can wow your audience with a visual slideshow. With a nicely formatted and organized template, you should be able to create a professional academic presentation easily. This template immediately adds a level of professionalism to any academic presentation.