Microsoft's Best Free DIY Christmas Templates for 2023

Chill out this year with easy-to-use templates

Consider using some of the free, fun templates or printables available in the Microsoft Office/Microsoft 365 apps this Christmas holiday. Microsoft offers more than a hundred Christmas templates and is continually updating its stock. You'll find gift coupons, greeting cards, event decorations, advent calendars, and other designs.

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Free DIY Christmas Magnets Template or Printable (Word)

Christmas Word template of a gingerbread and Santa

You can use these notecards to make holiday magnets. Print and cut out the gingerbread man, the house, the Merry Christmas sign, or Santa in his sleigh. Add a magnet to the back of your cut-outs or use it for decorative purposes. Glue a small piece of cardboard to the back of the image to stabilize it.

Search for gingerbread in Word to download and open this Christmas template or download it from the Office Templates website.

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Christmas Gift Label Template or Printable (Word)

Christmas gift labels templates from Word

Forget to buy labels or want to simplify your shopping trip? Print your own using this Christmas gift label template for Microsoft Word.

As with other templates in this collection, you can customize this template. Still, the beauty is, it's already an excellent design and ready to go.

Search for Christmas gift labels in Word to download this template or download it from the Office Templates website.

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Holiday Shopping Budget Template or Printable (Excel)

Holiday shopping budget template from Excel

Keep your spending in focus without losing your seasonal cheer with this free holiday shopping budget template or printable for Microsoft Excel.

Type holiday shopping budget in Excel to grab this template or download it from the Office Templates website.

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Printable Seasons Greeting Card Template (PowerPoint)

Printable seasons greetings card templates from PowerPoint

This printable "Season's Greetings" candy cane template for PowerPoint is a fun way to share a holiday message. Use one part of the template and run it as a PowerPoint presentation on your TV during holiday parties to add a visual punch to the event.

Open PowerPoint and search for this template by entering candy cane or download it from the Office Templates website.

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Free Printable Holiday Shipping Labels Template (Word)

Word template for printable holiday shipping labels

Play Santa with more finesse by mailing gifts with Microsoft Word's free printable holiday shipping labels template. Let the magic of the season start with the envelope.

Type holiday shipping labels in Word to download this free Christmas template or download it from the Office Templates website.

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Christmas Ornament Holiday Party Template or Printable (Word)

Free holiday party templates in MS Word

There are multiple Christmas party templates in Word for business or personal occasions.

To search for one of these Word templates, select File > New, then type holiday party. Alternatively, you can check out the Office Templates collection online.

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Christmas Party Planner Budget Template or Printable for Microsoft Excel

Holiday Party Planner Budget for Microsoft Excel. (c) Screenshot by Cindy Grigg, Courtesy of Microsoft

Whether your holiday party is a large or small affair, the details can get away from you. Keep track of those costs with this Christmas Party Planner Budget Template for Excel.

Find this template by opening Excel, then selecting File > New. Search for the template by name or keyword.

How to Download Christmas Templates

These Christmas templates are accessible from inside Microsoft Word or another Microsoft program. When you create a new document, enter the keywords corresponding to the template. When you see the template, select it, and then select Create to get started.

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