Microsoft's Best Access Database Templates

Use these templates for personal, business, and academic projects

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Microsoft Access is a relational database, which means the program compares data in the context of other types of data.

You may not know that Microsoft has database templates for personal, business, and academic projects. Using these templates helps you get work done faster.

Microsoft recently changed how you search for Office templates. Each of the following template suggestions walks you through how to find it through the Access interface.

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Nutrition Statistics Tracker Database Template


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Many health professionals advise keeping a journal or record. This free Nutrition Statistics Tracker database template for Microsoft Access is one example of how Access can be used for personal purposes and is not only for business or organizational projects.

This is a great way to stay on top of your fitness goals in as nerdy a way as possible. You can be as detailed as cataloging your favorite recipes.

In Access, select File > New to search for this template by keyword. 

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Budget or Ledger Database Template


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Plenty of people use Excel for budgets, but here's a template with even more heft, because it's in Access.

Keep income and expenses straight with this helpful Desktop Personal Account Budget or Ledger database template for Microsoft Access.

To find it, select File > New and then type in a description of the template in the Search field.

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Event Management Database Template


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The free Event Management database template for Microsoft Access includes several elements for keeping your team on track.

This tool is great for small or large events alike. In particular, it can help you manage your library of past, current, and future events in one convenient system.

Within Access, select File > New and look up the template by keyword.

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Marketing Project Management Database Template


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Track expenses and other campaign details with this free Marketing Project Management database template for Microsoft Access.

Keep tabs on everything affecting employees, vendors, clients, and the projects and deliverables themselves.

Select File > New from within the Access interface and search for the template.

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Education Faculty Contact Database Template


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The free Education Faculty Contact database template for Microsoft Access is a great way to keep your educational institution and team running smoothly.

The template can also integrate with your Microsoft Outlook contacts.

In Access, select File > New and then search for the template.

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Business Services Database Template


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Keep track of your organization's services in reference to clients, employees, and other data using the Business Services database template for Microsoft Access. Use the various reporting setups to communicate key data about your business.

You can take advantage of this template's array of macros, which take care of several tasks at once. Even small automation tools like this can be helpful.

Search for this template in the field that pops up when you go to File > New.

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Academic Student Contact Database Template


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Whether you are an instructor or education administrator, this Academic Student Contact database template for Microsoft Access can help you track student progress.

Match key information in no time, such as students' schedules to medications or emergency contact information.

In Access, select File > New to search for this template by keyword.

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Price Comparison Database Template


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Buying decisions can be complex, particularly if you are purchasing on behalf of your organization. The Price Comparison database template for Microsoft Access makes it easier to keep your options straight.

Open Microsoft Access as though you are starting a new document, by choosing File > New. Then, find the template by typing in the search words.

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Customer Service Database Template


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The Customer Service database template for Microsoft Access helps you track and analyze client interactions and account issues so you can better serve your customers.

The case tracking system allows you to access information when you need it.

In Access, select File > New. At the top of the screen, search for this template by keyword.