Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 Review

Image courtesy of Microsoft.

The Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 is a laser travel mouse that features the company’s BlueTrack technology. It’s a step down from the Wireless Mobile Mouse 6000 in price, although not necessarily in features. As a plus, it comes in a variety of designs as part of Microsoft’s Studio Series, some of which are available exclusively through Best Buy.

At a Glance

The Good: Attractive, detent scrolling, BlueTrack

The Bad: No extra programmable buttons



The Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 is very similar to another BlueTrack mouse I reviewed recently: the Wireless Mobile Mouse 6000. Unlike the glossy, pink and black 6000, however, the 3500 that I tested featured artist Mike Perry's design on the top of the mouse. The design is done as a colorful matte printing on the top, with the sides and bottom of the mouse in both glossy and matte black.

The side thumb grips have a rubberized finish, and "Mike Perry" is lightly etched where your palm would rest. Other artists who have created mice for this line include Kirra Jamison, Matt W. Moore, Linn Olofsdotter and Jonny Wan. Never heard of them? No worries -- these talented artists all have created designs that add spice and color to your otherwise-boring desk.

If too many patterns and colors freak you out, Microsoft also offers the mouse in a range of single-colored mice.

Like all good travel mice should, the 3500 uses a nano receiver, and just like all good travel mice should, it has a sturdy receiver placeholder for it. Microsoft now includes a push-button placeholder with many of its travel mice, so you shouldn't have to worry about the receiver dislodging itself.


What is BlueTrack?

Microsoft's BlueTrack technology is designed to let you mouse on almost any type of surface, including the jeans on your leg, the carpet in your living room, or the granite counter tops in your kitchen. I say "almost" because it will not work on mirrors or clear glass.

As with all of the BlueTrack-capable mice I've tested, the Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 worked smoothly and seamlessly. I experienced zero lag or connectivity problems.


This is where the only real downfall of the 3500 comes into play. It features the standard three-button design, with a left-click, right-click, and scroll wheel. There are no programmable side buttons, so if you're dependent on those, look elsewhere (like the 6000, for example).

On the bright side, this mouse does feature detent scrolling, which is that tactile, click-to-click scrolling. Personally, I appreciate this feature, but your computing needs may dictate otherwise.

The Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 drops its price down to $29.99, which is still a bit above average for your basic three-button mouse. That BlueTrack technology is worth paying for, and the color and design options really make this a mouse you’ll be proud to show off to your office mates.