Microsoft Wants to Make It Easier to Buy an Xbox Series X

But only for Xbox Insiders with an Xbox One

Microsoft has revealed a new way for Xbox One owners to buy an Xbox Series X or Series S, which it says should make it a little easier for users to get their hands on the new console.

Xbox unveiled the Console Purchase Pilot in a tweet from the Xbox Insider account. The program, only available in the United States, allows Xbox One owners to register for a chance to reserve one of the next-gen Xbox consoles. According to Polygon, the move should make it easier for current Xbox One owners to grab a Series X or Series S, especially if the program proves successful.

A Microsoft Xbox Series X


Microsoft hasn’t shared whether or not it plans to expand on the program, or if it plans to launch a similar system users who don’t already own a last-gen Xbox. Initially, the pilot program was only available from your Xbox, but a post on the Xbox Insider subreddit last night revealed that it had been expanded to make it accessible from the Windows 10 Xbox Insider Hub app, too. You still need to have an Xbox One connected to your account to be eligible.

If you join the pilot, you'll receive a short feedback survey, which Microsoft could use to further expand and improve the service. If selected for the final purchase phase, you’ll receive a second message with information on how to purchase your chosen console.

Microsoft also says it will ask users which console they prefer between the Xbox Series X and Series S. This should help to ensure users are given access to the one they want. Alternatively, you also can choose to get the first available system that pops up. 

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