Microsoft Tries Twitch Streaming for Xbox One Again

But currently only for Xbox Insiders in the 'Alpha Skip-Ahead' program

Microsoft is bringing Twitch streaming back to the Xbox One, beginning with a test run open to Xbox Insider "Alpha Skip-Ahead" members.

A new batch of Xbox Insider Alpha Skip-Ahead notes reveals that Tuesday's new mandatory system update includes Xbox One console live streaming. As The Verge points out, Twitch integration for the Xbox One was removed back in 2017. This return looks to be similar to the previous integration and includes features like overlays and webcam support.

Xbox Insider Alpha Skip-Ahead graphic


According to Microsoft, streaming is simply a matter of connecting to your Twitch account and selecting Go Live Now from the dashboard. And when you're streaming, viewers only will be able to see your games, not your dashboard or other apps. If you navigate out of the game during a stream, they'll just see a pause screen.

The catch (for the time being) is the membership requirement. First, you have to be a part of Microsoft's Xbox Insider program, which you can join through the digital store.

Then you have to be selected for the invite-only Alpha Skip-Ahead ring, which gets to preview updates before other insiders.

Xbox One console


Twitch streaming for the Xbox One is available now, but only for members of the Alpha Skip-Ahead ring for the time being.

No estimates for a broader release have been given yet, but Microsoft notes that Alpha Skip-Ahead members usually preview content "far ahead" of general availability. So you might be in for a bit of a wait.

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