Microsoft Teams up With Boosteroid to Expand Game Streaming Globally

Maybe soon you'll have another new platform for 'Call of Duty'

Microsoft signs an Xbox game deal to extend its cloud gaming reach to more parts of the world (and more players in general).

Boosteroid cloud gaming users can look forward to a larger game streaming library in the future, thanks to a 10-year agreement penned between the service and Microsoft. The deal includes several (mostly unspecified) Microsoft-owned properties being made available across all of Boosteroid's supported platforms.

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It's unlikely for this to affect Game Pass users, as Microsoft's CEO of Gaming, Phil Spencer, stated that it's "Bringing Xbox PC games to Boosteroid members..." in the press release.

Instead, the plan is to make more Microsoft properties available for streaming to more users globally. Including properties currently owned by Activision Blizzard, such as Call of Duty, that Spencer says will be joining Microsoft's portfolio—assuming the proposed deal is allowed to go through.

Additionally, Microsoft plans to bring Game Pass to PC users in Ukraine sometime in the spring of 2023. So Ukrainian players looking to stream their games will have another potential option to choose from.

Microsoft x Boosteroid Timeline

While this new agreement was announced today, it does not provide a precise timeline for when we can expect more Microsoft-owned games to appear on Boosteroid's service.

Boosteroid is currently available for Android, Windows, macOS, Linux, and Chromebooks, with servers in France, Italy, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, the UK, Ukraine, and the USA.

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