Microsoft Teams Jazzes up Video Calls With Over 20 New Snapchat Filters

Choose goofy backgrounds or turn yourself into a cartoon character

Microsoft and Snap have partnered to bring Snapchat filters, otherwise called Lenses, to Teams-based video chats. 

These fun new filters for Microsoft Teams are available now and promise to bring plenty of visual flair to your next group conference call; just turn them off before you talk about something serious. The 26 popular Lenses available include options to turn yourself into a cartoon character, add fake snow, and choose from a variety of unique and silly backgrounds. You can even put a chicken on your head or make it look like you are being hugged by a sloth. Fun times. 

Snapchat in Teams


Of course, turning one of your coworkers or friends into a cartoon horse is not always appropriate. Some filters have actual uses beyond just eliciting a laugh. For instance, the “smooth look” filter simply makes you look a bit more presentable, with no animations or obvious special effects.

Microsoft accomplished these feats by directly integrating Snap’s software development kit and augmented-reality technology into Teams. This is not a third-party plugin. These features are now part of the Teams experience, not a moment too soon. Snap had its own desktop app for this purpose but shuttered Snap Camera earlier this year. 

Microsoft Teams


The update is rolling out now, but it could take a few days to reach every Microsoft Teams user. Microsoft has suggested that the effects library will rotate every once in a while to keep things fresh. 

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